THREE Pressed Eye Color Duo in 09 Invisible Ethereal

You know what makes me sad?  When a long anticipated product from one of my most cherished brands don't perform up to expectation.  This is the kind of product if it were your first introduction to the brand or Japanese eye shadows might make you go, "Ehhh."
Which isn't to say that this eye shadow duo is without merits.  I mean, just look at how beautiful the pans looks.  And as is the normal duo format, includes a cream shade on the left and a powder shade on the right.  Each product you can use individually, but layering the powder over the cream often yields some magical complexity in the combined shade.
In Spring, along with the new Velvet Lust lipsticks which I already showed this week (here), THREE also introduced four more permanent eye shadow duos: 07 Let the Happiness In, 08 Third Eye Open, 09 Invisible Ethereal and 10 Dark Eyed Angel.  Seems there might be a reformulation of the cream shade which is imparted with pearls and transforms from cream to powder.  The other duos I have never seemed to completely set (into powder or otherwise).

The colors are:
  • brown-and-grey balanced khaki with a beautiful blend of shimmer particles.  The shimmer is very fine though (in pale cool gold, pink, green, blue, orange that I can tell)
  • cool and grey lavender in a mostly satin silvery finish
Regarding the wear of this duo, I find it to last better than the other duos I own.  Of the other ones I own, the cream tends to fade after a few hours, even over primer which is probably my biggest quibble about these THREE eye stuff.
I had a very hard time selecting Invisible Ethereal over the others.  It would have been really hard to pick two of the four even more so!  Each duo seems to contain a shade from one of the others, either a brown, a lavender or a peach.
I also wondered if Invisible Ethereal looked too similar to the other THREE quads or duos I owned, but upon close inspection the cream and powder shades were unique.
Only thing vaguely similar was the right side powder shade in 06 Winter Love (shown on the right side of the free-form palette, on the bottom), which is more mauve and Invisible Ethereal more lavender and grey.
So what's my problem with such an elegant pairing of colors?
In the wise and immortal words of Clara Peller who wisely declared her famous words: "Where's the Beef?"
The textures are silky and so right on the level of my other THREE eye products and the colors and the shimmer are beautiful.  What I wasn't impressed with is just how sheer the colors were.  Here are the swatches.  I mean it shows, but it shows so sheerly.  The cream is on the right, the powder in the middle and cream+powder on the right.

My winter holiday long gone, my skin is pretty pale.  I wonder if it would show up more on my more tanned skin in the summer or if it would show up even less.
The pretty sheen on the shades and the texture are beyond lovely.  It's just that the base colors barely show.  These are built up a few times.  Usually on the blog, I swatch with one finger swipe.
It probably would be helpful to show how it looks on the eyes, but I wasn't all that motivated to show something that looks like a wash on the lids.  I will try to show it on other posts or update this in the future.  I wear wash shades because they are swipe and go and easy and fast to do.  As you know, these cream shades take a bit of work to apply (here is my cream application post).  For all that work, I'd like a little more something something than looking just like a wash.

Maybe I am being kind of a picky pain in the ass, but this one really didn't pass the muster with me.  I am looking for divine and skin flattering texture along with pigmentation that actually shows on the skin.  Suqqu's eye shadows also have the (unfair, imo)  reputation that they are sheer, but those tend to show up more clearly on my skin, as do the Addiction singles.  Lately, I've not been as fond of the Addiction singles as they don't look as seamlessly elegant on my lids as the THREEs or the Suqqus.

With other THREE eye stuff I've seen much more intense pigmentation.  I wore the quad Art of Parties (here) yesterday and regretted my overly strong application.

What do I want?  I want the BEEF!

Any recent purchases for you falling way below the mark?  Also I'm very curious if you have any of the new THREE duos and if your experience was similar.

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