THREE Velvet Lust Lipstick in Cosmic Flow 02

I have been enjoying my THREE purchases so much so, especially the eye shadows in quads and duo formats, and blushes that I was keen on trying out some other things.  Namely, when for SS 2014, they released a new range of lipsticks called Velvet Lust, well, let's say some lustful thoughts ensued.
All objects of lust should look so sleek.

Pursuant to its natural philosophy, THREE packs this lipstick with argan oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and beeswax.  (Good to know in case you have sensitivities to any of those ingredients since about half the content are these things) 

The colors are meant to be translucent with a certain saturated vibrancy.  The color offering does indeed look incredibly tempting.  I'm guessing Cosmic Flow is the one in the front row, middle from the brand's product image with the appropriate subtler colors and brights.
I chose Cosmic Flow, which looked from the brand site as a clear, bright cool pink.  The English language website described it as a "rose pink with just the perfect hint of blue."
 The brushed metal surface of the case reflects light and turns darker brown to soft glowing bronze.
 In the tube, it looks rather like a pink red.
 Here is a swatch of color on my skin in bright natural direct light.  You can see the gleaming shine as well as a distinct warmth in the shade.  This is one swipe, so relatively decently pigmented, but you can see on the edges that my skin is showing.
 As it would in indirect light, you can see hints of coolness in the shade.  It is medium in pigmentation and can be built up, but not to complete opacity.
 I've swatched some other bright pinks and medium pinks to compare to THREE Cosmic Flow.  It's funny to me how colors I always thought were on the cooler side of the spectrum look positively warmer compared to more cooler brethren.

Several of these colors are on the sheerer side so my yellow skin tends to skew colors to warmth.  The only color I would nod my head and say "COOL!" would be the limited edition Visée Creamy Lipstick in PK804.  That is also very white based, so less likely to be altered by my skin tone.
The Velvet Lust lipstick is very lightweight, with an easy slip.  It's a relatively thin formula.  It glides really nicely without any hint of drag on the lips.  Of course, a nice perk is that it is unscented and has no taste.

I have mixed feelings about the formula though.  While it looks great and feels fantastic upon application, there seems to be something my lips are sensitive to.  I can't tell what it is.  The color wears away the shiny finish in the first hour and the color remains 3 hours on me.  The second reapplication makes me feel like I'm slathering the light, slightly balmy formula onto very chapped lips.  My skin lately is very dry, so I'm having a hard time discerning if it's ME or IT.

One thing I noticed pretty much right away was that the rosy warm pink in the bullet and swatch does not translate exactly on the lips!  Because the color has a good dose of translucency, my cool mauve lips really bring out the blue in the color.  The morning I put this on recently, I had to double check that my swatches looked accurate in the above pictures while it looked so blue on my lips.  When I swatched again on my hand, same warm rosy pink while still distinctly cool on my lips!

That would be one thing to consider if you are planning to pick up any of these Velvet Lust lipsticks which is that if your lips tend are pigmented, it may skew the bullet to lips translation a bit!

Above face, wearing: Chantecaille Future Skin foundation and Suqqu Nuancing Loose Powder in Natural.  Suqqu eye brow palette in Moss Green.  Color products are all THREE: Velvet Lust lipstick in Cosmic Flow, blush in Love Kick, eye shadow duo in Winter Love, Flash Performance eye liner in Child of the Moon (LE).
Have you had a chance to try out any new lipstick formulas that you were dying to try out?  What was it and how did it work out for you?

(Oh yes, the Japanese brand THREE is available in person in Japan, Bangkok, Taiwan as well as Ichibankao with a markup)

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