When Belly Was a Baby

Beautiful Liz from So Lonely in Gorgeous had a fun idea to show off some pictures of ourselves as little tadpoles!  See Liz's post here!  I hope you follow her blog regularly because her blog is full of amazing looks, the most covetable goodies from Japan and glimpses from the country.  (follow Liz on bloglovin and on Twitter!)

Isn't it funny how children grow up into the faces we are now?  I was a rather serious looking child, mostly bald.  Very sullen in face.

That is a face of a serial killer.  Ha, no.  That is a face of serial makeup purchaser!

I don't think I was a particularly girly kid, but I do recall endless fascination with my mom's makeup.  Playing with her makeup was a big no-no of course, but I do remember smashing down the bullet with the cap and getting into some major trouble afterwards.

I was a baby in the seventies.  Ah such nostalgia.  When I lived in Seoul as an adult for work, there was a big exhibit at the Sejong Art Museum and they had an awesome exhibit on Seoul in the 70's.  Seoul is now a towering modern city of the world of course, but back then, life was different!

Most importanly, this was the makeup of the times.  I think my mom must have had that Coty loose powder.  (My photo quality is like a inebriated person stumbling around in the dark)

They featured a little section of cosmetics and also had interiors of a traditional style house.

 This little vanity set up reminds me very much of what my mom might have had.  Hmm, it does make my current vanity situation look like quite the monstrosity of over consumption, eh?

This is an exhibit full of Coty Airspun powder!
 I spy a pink and white Amore jar of some cream in the back.  Wow, Amore Pacific coming from the dead in the 70's to torture me in the 2010's!
 The A C powder container in the front reminds me of boobs?  I adore the mother of pearl inlays of the cases below.  They are so outrageously gorgeous!  All the super sleek cases of my makeup now don't really compare so favorably to the feminine and luxuriousness of these old beauties!
I was walking through the museum with my oldest daughter, who was then almost seven years-old.  She looked at the record player and asked, "Mom!  What IS that thing?!"  Boy, do I feel old.
Anyway, that was me then.  This is me now.  Happy to report that the double chin seems to have disappeared.  And my mono lids oddly became double lids over time.
Do you recall your earliest makeup memories?  Any favorites you'd like to share with me?

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