Addiction Tinted Skin Protector SPF 50+/PA +++

I've been super into new foundations lately and kind of wanting to buy all the new releases impulsively, but have been acquiring small samples and giving them real tries on my face.  You can see how the new Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick did on my then really terrible skin, and I also got some of the new Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet as well.  One of the reasons for this burst of interest is that like most people, foundations that work beautifully in colder temperatures don't usually hold up as well on me during hot and humid weather.  I also want lighter feeling products on my skin.  And since I tend to spend much more time being outdoors, I am also interested in amping up the sun protection.
I'm also very happily using the Amore Pacific Color Control Cushion Compact (here) for this purpose, but I can't be happy with just one thing.  I need options.  For makeup consumption purposes.  Raison d'etre.

So here's my raison d'etre personified.  (objectified?)  I've had the opportunity to test the Addiction Tinted Skin Protector a few times now in sample sachets included in packages from a generous friend in Japan, as well as included as samples in various Ichibankao orders.  They always came in Tint 3, which seems to be the default shade for samples that are given out.  I've used them enough times to determine last year that this was going to be a good summer option for me.
It's not marketed as a foundation or a sunscreen, despite its medium coverage and high sun protection,  it is a product that can work as foundation, sunscreen and primer.  As a sunscreen, it has a SPF50 PA+++ rating for broad spectrum protection.  The only English ingredient list I was able to find on line is on the very informative site Ratzillacosme where she translated the ingredients in English (here).  I see several physical sunblock in the list (Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide).  Looks like there are several benzo, benzoate, benzoyl compounds for what I think would be the UVA protection (the PA+++ rating).

For me, regardless of what sun protection is in a makeup product, I always put on a separate sun protection product underneath because I would not likely apply enough to get the benefit of full protection without looking like a cakeface.  (yum, someone said cake?)

There is also a lot of silicone in this product which allows for a very smooth application and I guess this is the primer component of this product.  Alcohol is kind of high up on the list as well.  (thank Kate for pointing that out to my blind eye!)  So those sensitive to alcohol may want to bypass this one.

One thing that makes this not the perfect product for me at the moment is the level of oxidation which takes it from initial application which very closely matches my skin tone to a good shade and a half darker a few hours in.  It is so much oxidized that it is in great contrast to my flabby pale turkey neck.  I think a few weeks in when I've reached closer to my darker summer skin tone, this will be less of a problem.

Texture of the liquid is a slightly runny liquid.  I've been applying it with my fingers and it blends easily with fingers and then sets into a very natural finish.  I like how in contrast to the AmorePacific compact (which sets much more shiny on the skin), Addiction Tinted Skin Protector just looks like slightly glowing satiny skin.
Color offering is pretty skimpy though, with only five shades.  It's impossible for me to discern how they run undertone and depth-wise from the online pictures from its website.  None of the shades look super pale or super dark from what I can tell.  Product details (in Japanese) and color offering on the Addiction Beauty website here.  Like many Japanese products, it is unscented as well.

I thought it would be helpful to show you compared to some other foundation and shades.
Compared to the ones shown above, Tinted Skin Protector has a good bit of yellow tones and still paler than Chantecaille Chamomile and something along the lines of MAC NC20.  Don't even look at Chanel B30 in Perfection Lumiere Velvet.  It is much too dark and orangey pink to look right on my skin.  Maybe you can triangulate a shade match to Shade 3 by the colors swatched above.
Here's my face with no makeup on.  You can see some darker patches under my eyes and nose.  And my skin is generally darker on my chin.
Here's a light layer which seems to even things out and also very importantly for me, not sinking weirdly into pores, nor clinging unkindly to flakes on my skin.  I'm not wearing any concealer here and you can see it doesn't completely obliterate the darkness under my eyes.  The initial application is bright (and light).
I kept my eyes open (*bleeeenk*) and set the flash off to check for flashback.  Maybe the oxidey stuff isn't in very large concentration or maybe I'm not wearing enough of the product on my skin, but I found the flashback to be pretty minimal.  I'm wearing concealer in this picture under eyes and under my nose.
Here I am wearing the Addiction Tinted Skin Protector and all other sorts of makeup.  Details on this look here in this post.
There is some slight whitening effect on my skin, which is cancelled out later by oxidation of the formula on my face.  The oxidized effect is less yellow, but more darker and slightly peach leaning on me.
It feels really light on my skin and the finish is quite pretty on.  I'm really very happy with this purchase.  While not really doing a ton for oil control, I am not blotting more often during the day.  I will revisit and let you know how this thing holds up when it gets crazy hot here in NY, but so far from all the tests I've done and also importantly how it feels, I am really enjoying this product.  Looking forward to hotter and more humid weather (and tanner skin) to really give this one a good go.

Summer foundation for you all set for those of you approaching sweltering weather?  What are some of your favorite hot weather base products to help you to not devolve into a greasy sweating mess?

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