Hot in Here

Is it me, or is it getting hot in here?  One day, I was firm and feeling cool... and then all of a sudden...BAM!
Oh no!  Look at meeeeeeee!  :((
Some awkward words of thanks for the incredible barrage of wonderful comments from each of you, as well as the emails.

What was casually thrown out by me as some random thoughts strung together into a post provoked some deep thoughts.  I'm not saying deep thoughts in YOU, but deep thoughts in ME.  I appreciate that you share with me and other readers and also share with me encouragement.  I think you are more perceptive than I am self aware.  I really thought I was being all breezy, but perhaps you rightly picked up on the melancholy.

I was really trying to respond to each and every comment because you wrote things that took effort and kindness.  But at some point, I became totally drained.  Okay, okay.  Maybe I just got lazy and had a hand cramp.  And then once I responded with restraint to that ONE comment, I lost all will to go on.  Please accept my drooly slobbery thank you.

One thing bugging me though is that several of you thought I was making changes here.  Hey, I'm not quitting!  I'm not even actively thinking about pulling back my posts or anything.  Gosh, I'm too wishy washy as a person to be that PLANFUL.

And if I did... AHAHAH!  I will go out with a big bang!  Like a giant party!  With makeup!  And cake!  Maybe I will run down 5th Avenue go into the stores and make all sorts of returns!

AUUUUUGH.    Now I am full of feels.  It's only going to be made right by frying up some chicken.  Til next time, where there will be more makeup posts and then maybe more chickun.

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