Selfridges SUQQU On Line Ordering Experience

little update: the Paypal holds were cleared away on Monday.  WHEW.

Words, many words.  Not even a picture to break up the monotony.

Have you noticed that the on line inventory availability of SUQQU on the Selfridges website remains unfailingly spotty?  I wonder if opening the shipping to more places globally completely and consistently wipes out the inventory.  With many of us dedicated SUQQU FIENDS ravenously scouring the site, I suppose it is no surprise that many of the items come into stock momentarily only to sell out immediately.  And of course, who knows when and if the limited edition items are available!

After springing for 2 of the 3 SS14 eye shadow palettes, Mitsucha & Yomogiiro, I was patiently biding my time for the parphal one to become available on line.  Selphia wrote me recently to alert me that it was so I sprang into action.

I thought I'd share my very recent online ordering experience on Selfridges.  Aside from inventory being sparse on the website, the actual ordering process was a little bit wonky.  When you log in to your account and select the international shipping, the shopping cart calculates to show the total pricing including the gigantic £20 shipping, but deducts out the VAT.

-___-  Apparently, a sizable order of £148 completely eliminates the VAT so that my shipping is free-ish.

During checkout, I was able to select Paypal or various usual credit cards.  I used Paypal, but was given an error which stated that the transaction failed in error.  Tried a second time to no avail and the same error message.  I finally used a different credit card and it was able to successfully complete the transaction.

While I was in my email inbox checking my order confirmation, I was freaked out to see two Paypal emails which looked to be my authorization for the two failed attempts.  Did I pay £148 three times for this order, twice on Paypal and once on another card?!

I love my Suqqu, just not that much.

I immediately wrote to Selfridges alerting them of this issue and was quickly sent an email response in a few hours that I can expect the hold on Paypal to be cleared in a few business days.  I am still waiting for this to clear (a few days in).

Payment issue aside, I made the online purchase on Tuesday afternoon, received a notice that the order left on Wednesday, and to my great amazement it was delivered on Thursday afternoon by DHL.

The box the order came in was much smaller than what I previously received via telephone orders.  There was also much more of the yellow tissue paper than before in the box to cushion the contents.  Still, there was no bubble wrapping or cushioning.  Luckily enough for me, everything came in perfect condition.

My friend Claire wrote a few months back about her ordering experience and she had some more issues compared to my experience.  She experienced the dreaded DHL clearance issue which required some crazy hoop jumping which you can read about here.  Anecdotally, I think US East Coast (specifically cleared through JFK) folks seem to incur less or none of these issues compared to others.  Anyone care to weigh in and confirm or not?

Supposing that the weird holds on Paypal disappears over the next few days, I had a pretty good experience with my recent order.  How about you?  Have you also had any recent online ordering experiences with Selfridges?

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