Sisterhood of the Traveling Palette Series: Addiction Ready to Wear Palette in Departure

What is this Traveling Palette you say?  Can one palette inspire and flatter multiple faces?  Let's try it!  Liz from So Lonely in Gorgeous is also featuring this traveling palette, so do check out her post and the amazing looks she's created (here).  Liz and I are not sisters by blood, of course, but for the love of many common makeuppy interests she so IS!  *fistbump*  *hipbump*  *chestbump* *knocksheads*

Departure.  I have to admit, this one has actually been languishing for a long time in my eye shadow drawer.  Not actually unloved, just unused.  Why it's been so unused that I've placed it in my "to-purge" bin.  I've been having a hard time feeling motivated to put this one on in the morning, but with the Traveling Palette concept, I think it's high time for this sucker to do its magic.  You know, give me a fabulous looking rear end, and wipe away the cellulite.  I hope I'm not in for a big disappointment.
This looks like it would give me a great butt    )   )
Okay, so using Departure, I did a day look and an evening look.  Shall we take a look?

It seems to me that the periwinkle glitter shade and the sparkly burgundy shade are what tilts this palettes squarely into the bling bling zone so for daytime purposes I took the top left olive and the bottom left warm grey as the main shades.  I did use both the periwinkle and the burgundy though to give some interest to the eye look.

I used the olive on the upper lid up to the crease and also on the lower lash line.  I then used the grey to slightly overlap the olive on the upper lids and also blended out past the socket.  I also layered the grey over the olive on the lower lash line.  I used the burgundy on the outer third of the upper lash line as a slight accent.  A teeny pop of the periwinkle was placed in the center of the upper lash line to act as blingy light catcher.  I've also used THREE Flash Performance eye liner in 07 Eye Doll to define my lash line.
Strong brows to frame the eyes and lots of mascara in this look.  Other products used: Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation (Chamomile + Porcelain mixed), Ellis Faas concealer, Rouge Bunny Rouge Impalpable Finishing Powder (OMG!),  Rouge Bunny Rouge blush in Orpheline, and Rouge Bunny Rouge sheer lipstick in Fluttering Sighs.

Alrightie, then.

Hallmark of versatility is a palette's ability to flex and show some muscle & oomph.  With Departure's complex shimmer, it's a natural for that.  In my version of a Night appropriate look, I used one of the palette's best feature, which is the complexity of the layered shade.

I ran into some trouble, which is, I am REALLY just a dabbler in makeup rather than any true makeup magician and I lack some serious skills and symmetry in application!  :D  Don't worry!  It didn't deter me from piling on tons and tons of makeup to achieve this nighttime abomination!

One thing that is an interesting feature of my face is how much dramatic makeup colors and contrast my face can actually carry off.  Piling it on is definitely achieves drama but I feel like I can still apply something more.  Doing this look also made me want to apply some talon shaped nail extensions and paint them red.
To achieve that bizarro extended wing shape, I used THREE Flash Performance eye liner in 02 Eye Believe.  Then I layered the Departure olive and grey and blended softly above the socket line.  Same layer of the eye liner, grey and olive on the lower lash line was applied.  Both the burgundy and then the periwinkle were patted on top of the whole thing.  I've used a black kohl (Chanel) for the upper and lower waterline and gobs of mascara.

And THEN since that wasn't anywhere near enough makeup, I used more eyeliner, this time the blue shimmer THREE liner in 04 Eye Belong all over the place and as a wonky accent in the inner corner.
Shell shocked and developing a hernia from carrying the weight of all the makeup
Notable other products and features of this look:  I've left my brows very natural and not intensified, just using a slight dash of Shu Uemura hard 9 pencil in Seal Brown through them and well brushed through.  Suqqu Frame Fix Cream N foundation in 002 and Ellis Faas concealer for base.  I have Guerlain Cruel Gardenia to highlight the tops of my cheekbones.  RBR Impalpable Finishing Powder to set.  Tom Ford (LE/DC) Narcissist blush and Chantecialle Lip Chic in Rose Delice on the lips.
So I just took a look at my rear end, and it is still flabby as it was before.  I am disappoint!  However, I am kind of super pleased with Departure all over again!  What do you think?  Do you think you will give Departure in a Traveling Palette kind of a try?

If you are also interested in participating with your blog, let me know so that I can link you in this post. Are you manly enough for the Sisterhood? No blog, but want to hipbump with us? Let me know in comments what your favorite day and night placements are using Departure.

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