So Very Busy!

I'm sorry emails have gone unanswered and comments hanging loose on posts.  My Twitter feed gone dead.  I regret excellent posts from fellow bloggers were read but not commented.

I tend to take a giant pile of photos or write a bunch of drafts and then when I have free moments, try to jigsaw puzzle them together.  I have neither of those elements today.

It's always frenetic around Belly house and recently made some changes at work which is really cutting into my zoning out and think about makeup time.  Instead of a mentally luxuriating commute time sitting on a train, I need to drive two hours for work on many days.  No more, let's read some blogs and answer comments time.  Now it is, let's not drive into that semi truck while on the George Washington bridge.  And I haaaaaate driving!

Let's see what's been happening beauty wise. 

On the recent F&F event, I purchased another Eve Lom cleanser.  Seriously at the end of a crazy day, it feels really nice to take time to massage that balm in and end up feeling so clean. 

And ebates (I hope you are all doing these cash back links when you shop online) had 15% cash back from Sephora.  While I was looking around the site, a Dior Addict Fluid stick may have fallen into my basket along with a Dior gel nail polish AND the Dior nail and cuticle cream.  ---->  you may notice I don't have a huge number of Dior makeup items in my possession or featured on the blog, so maybe this will change the tide!

ANNNNNNNND, my friend Selphia wrote me to say that SUQQU Hanashoubu was finally back in (low) stock on Selfridges.  So I might have bought that.... plus more SUQQU.  Apparently a £148 purchase completely offsets the shipping fee with the related VAT deduction.  >.>  Um..

How IS every one these days?  I am missing being here and shooting the breeze with you.

Sad Belly is in a car on the George Washington Bridge.

Selfridges SUQQU On Line Ordering Experience

Visée Smoky Rich Eyes in BR-2, GY-7 and PK-1