Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in Hanashoubu 16

Or the purple one.  Or the parphal one.  Or the PAAARRRPPPHHHAAAL one.

To buy or not to buy was never a real question.

It was inevitable.
It was inevitable.
It was inevitable.
The three new permanent releases from Spring are all built up around a brown shade with various interesting color combinations.  (Mitshucha 15 here and Yomogiiro 17 here)  In this case, there is:
  • Pale cream shimmer shade with a profusion of multi colored micro glitter which are predominantly pink, green and pale gold.
  • Warm, mid tone and satin-finished brown that has a good dose of yellow.
  • Pale warm pink base shade.  Applied it barely tints my skin pink and the shimmers glow pretty noticeably in real life.
  • ...then the purple.  I hope you are clicking these pictures of enlarge them.  Vibrant purple base that is neutral to warm (I think I see red tones in this purple), but can seem blue toned because there is a large amount of blue micro glitter in it.  In addition to the bright blue glitter, all the other complex glitter colors are visible.
Here are the swatches in clockwise order from the upper left pan.
Everything about this palette is so glowing and shimmery in this bright natural light.  I've done a look below and in real life, it is very wearable unless you are particular lacking affection for shimmer of any kind.  Even with the intensity of the purple shade, it is a very easy to wear palette.

Overall pigmentation is medium.  The purple is the only shade on my that can be applied to great intensity.  The pale highlighter shade and the base shade act more as texturizers on my lids, acting to add sheeny highlight where applied or as for the base, acting to smooth and add overall glow.

In a way, this particular palette acts as a duo rather than a quad based on the brown and the purple, with the base and the pale highlighter acting as described above.  I'm close to about MAC NC20 skin tone now.  I suspect that on paler or deeper skin tones, all four shades might show up more vividly.

This doesn't diminish my enjoyment of this palette though!  Let's march on!
Anyway, one of the neat features of a Suqqu palette is how well they shades layer into a complex shade.  Here's I've added the three shades (minus the pinky base one).  I scratched my dodo head a little bit because how does brown, purple and cream become this color below?  Where did the purple go?  It's as if the purple melted away but left all the pretty shimmer.
More swatches, because... because... my blog, dammit.
I seem to suffer from some major makeup amnesia.  In my SURRATT eye shadow post on Tyrian, I was like BOOHOO, I don't have enough purples in my life.  Uh...

*whispers*  I have even more purples somewhere.

Labels are in the picture below this one.
I've cranked down the exposure in the picture below which shows the pretty duo chrome and multi color shimmers better.
Here's my look which is basically a smoked liner look shaped wing-ingly.  I smudged the purple over my black liner and used the brown to shape for the wing shape.  Of course the pink base was used all over the lids and the pale cream applied inner eye and swept up and across to about mid crease.  Water-lined with the black liner and more purple and brown to smoke the bottom.

I'm also wearing a few of my other recent Suqqu purchases.  I posted about Barairo in my recent Swatch Set the other day here.  I'm also wearing one of the new blush colors released this SS14, Usuzukora.

Ok, while not so exciting to blow the socks off, I love the whole very wearable purple incorporated in a pretty neutral eye palette.  Everything about this whole look is just very perfectly pretty, wearable and polished.  While the shimmer in the swatches look intense, I find this palette (to my taste) to be a beautiful take on a neutral color offering.  I do love easy things!

What purples are you loving in your life?  Does purple count as a neutral shade for you?

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