SUQQU Bright Up Lipstick Swatch Set

On my recent Selfridges online order, I purchased another Bright Up lipstick from Suqqu.  I don't see a ton written up about the Bright Ups, but as far as fuller pigment lipsticks go, I really love them!  While I love the slippy pigmented goodness of the Creamy Glows, Bright Ups actually feel kinder on my fickle lips.  Speaking of Creamy Glows, I saw on the Suqqu global website that there are several UK exclusives that have been resurrected including several of the Creamy Glows and eye shadow palettes in 01-06!  Rejoice!
The Bright Up lipsticks cases are distinguished by the light golden trim in the middle of the case.  I am now the proud owner of 02 Hanabeni, 03 Barairo and 07 Akaanzu.  I did have 04 Outouiro at one point, which I purged because it was too light to really flatter my lips and skin tone.

Here there are in numerical order from left to right: 02 Hanabeni, 03 Barairo and 07 Akaanzu.
Can you actually tell these are even different shades in the bullets?  I kind of can't!  That's kind of the biggest failing for me in the Bright Ups.  All the shades are so very polished and similarly mid tone.  I think we can really use some more variety of depth and colors in them.  Don't you agree?

Here are they swatched, again in the same order L to R, 02 Hanabeni, 03 Barairo and 07 Akaanzu.  Suqqu described them as creamy matte, but as you can see, it has a soft shine to the finish.
Both Hanabeni and Akaanzu were posted in more depth earlier here.  My new addition 03 Barairo is slightly more blue toned pink than the warmer rosy 02 Hanabeni.  It is similarly pigmented as Hanabeni.  Akaanzu (one swipe of the bullet here) is more beige in tone as well as much sheerer than the other two.

Here are the colors again, with my arm angled a bit differently and showing the tonal differences better.
Right?  These are all very my lips but better type of shades.  03 Barairo actually has a fair bit of contrast to my skin when I wear it on my lips.  I shall be featuring it shortly!

I am finding the Bright Ups supremely easy to wear on brain addled morning when I can not figure out what lipstick to coordinate with my life.  I am loving the beautiful soft refined colors and the creamy feel on my lips.  But Suqqu, I won't be gravely opposed to some crazy bright colors.  Thank you!


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