SURRATT Artistique Eyeshadow in 18 Tyrian

I think it was inevitable that I would eventually try one of the Surratt powder products.  I've spent many a days at the counter getting to swipe, smudge and slather things, but I've been mostly enamored with the Lipsliques.  You can see my various SURRATT related posts here.  I really love those Lipsliques, so I am motivated to pick up more of those and less so other things in the line.  But there is always room for experimentation (if not crazy grabbing and overspending).  Shall I show you my new acquisition?  Say hello to Tyrian.  Tyrian is a the name of a red purple, also known as Royal Purple and  was derived from a really neat source: mollusks!  I thank my god Pan for his mighty tool Google, which allows for the learning of these ancient stuffs.

Yum yes.  I do like purples.  I like especially those that glint so appealingly in the sun with shimmers that flash like so:

I shall show you a swatch on my armies.  It swatches ok.  I use my finger to pick up pigment and then swipe on my arm.  <---Beauty blogging secrets, REVEALED!  It feels very smooth and slightly creamy.  Though it feels like a dream on my fingertips, it didn't swatch as beautifully as I thought.  As a matter of fact, you can see on the edges of this swatch on the bottom, how oddly patchy it is sitting.  Of course arm does not equal eyelid.

It's a medium to dark purple with a dose of red (like its namesake).  If you click on the picture, you can see the pretty shimmers, too.
Unfortunately, the slight patchiness also translated on my eye lids as well.  I always apply over a teeny tiny amount of Nars Pro Prime primer and while I was able to build up intensity pretty easily, had a bit of difficulty blending into soft edges.  It probably isn't my most flattering purple, looking a bit bruised on my skin.  Some other purples for you.  HMMMM!  Why don't I have more purples?!

Rouge Bunny Rouge is a complex purply taupe, so you can see all sorts of grey and brown in the shade, so it won't look very purple, but Shiseido's Parfait Amour in the holiday palette from last year really is purple and so very pretty.
Here they are lined up together.  Heh, focusing, I no have it.  :P  While Parfait Amour has a radiant clarity to the color, Tyrian is a bit murky looking.
SURRATT singles can be put into a separate palette which can house it along with your own selection of blush and eye shadows.  I only picked this one little single to give the formula a try.  The little plastic cover comes completely off and then pan can be placed into the customizable palette.  This is a nice feature if you decide to purchase several items from the range.  It is very Addiction-like, and in a very nice way.

The pan is also quite small if this is something you are concerned about.  I think diminutive seems to be a big factor in the products I've tried so far.  Though the individual price points seem reasonable, the product quantity seems a bit small.

Based on my experience so far, I'm probably not inclined to pick any more up at the moment.  I know several others have liked the quality quite a bit, so I may be more of the outlier in this assessment.  Gorgeous pan, very pretty color but doesn't look that great when on my skin.

It is currently exclusive here in the US at Barneys (in stores/online).  You can purchase on line here.  Also the brand is branching out into the UK marketplace (Liberty).
Have you branched out into the SURRATT line?  Which items have been your favorites that have impressed you.  Any experience with the eye shadows?  I wonder if there are other colors that have worked exceptionally well for you.  I wanna know!

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