THREE 20 Love Twist & 23 Emotional Rescue Compared to Others

If you saw my mini swatchlet of my THREE blushes, I had promised some comparisons for Love Twist and Emotional Rescue.  So let's get with it!
 Funny that even though Love Twist looks so different in the pan to those I chose to compare it with, when applied on the skin, the differences are slight.  And then you can extrapolate that once applied with a brush and applied as sheerly as I would normally on the cheeks, the differences would be even more minuscule.  Why so minuscule, that one might question the WHY one crazy Belly Blogger would need so many of such similar colors.  This train of thought shows why it is a dangerous thing to ponder things too deeply.

Compared to THREE, the two lower stripes of the Guerlain Blush G Sakura* have definite finish differences, with the shimmer of the shade 1 and the frostier finish of shade 2, which is also paler.  Laduree 06 is more deeper in tone, which a more matte finish and lacking the blue tones of Love Twist.  Rouge Bunny Rouge Gracilis is more mauve and lighter.

Emotional Rescue, I originally mentioned as a more easily wearable cousin of Tom Ford Narcissist.  And so I pulled that one out to compare. Also Barbara, in the original mini swatch post asked how Emotional Rescue compared to Edward Bess Blush Extraordinare in Bed of Roses, so here it is as well.
Pans surely look different enough, eh?

Both Emotional Rescue and Bed of Roses are warmer than the incredibly bright and blue toned Narcissist.  Bed of Roses look practically like a wallflower in comparison to the other two.

Swatched on the arm here.  Even more so than the distinctions in warmth (warmish- THREE, warm- Bed of Roses, not - Narcissist), the really defining characteristic here is the pigmentation level.  Narcissist is crazy crazy pigmented!  CRAAAAZY!
Okedokes.  Hope these swatch comparisons are helpful since seeing THREE blushes in person is mission impossible for the majority of us.

*was provided by marketing for consideration, for free of charge.

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