Visée Smoky Rich Eyes in BR-2, GY-7 and PK-1

Buying blind is hard, so why not a little bit of help with some pictures of a few of the palettes from Visée?  When I first tried an eye shadow palette from Visée, I chose a neutral from the Smoky Rich eyes line up.  Here is BR-2.
BR-2 spontaneously, via some sort of reproductive capability (too scientific and complicated to explain here) became two: GY-7.
And then with some strange trick with smoke and mirrors became three.  PK-1 emerged.
So now, we have a selection of (BR)own, (G)re(Y) and (P)in(K) to examine closely on Wondegondigo.  Yes, Wondegondigo is a place on the internet full of makeup, inscrutable reproductive science and magical glitter flakes!

BR-1 is my original purchase.  Let's take a look at it and also the general format of these Smoky Rich Eye palettes.  There are five shades in the palette including a pale and shimmery (or frosty) highlight shade, two base shades (the middle waves) and two intense liner shades (in the split pan).  This picture is slightly out of focus so you can see that there are some prominent micro glitter in several of the pans.
The palette also has a small dual ended applicator with a brush and sponge.
This is the palette that really impressed me with the brand's eye shadow offerings.  Here are the swatches for BR-2:
Overall finish impression is sheeny and with some visible glitter.  There is not a real matte among them.  I am not a shimmer-phobe, so it doesn't really bother me, but I think it would increase some versatility with the inclusion of a matte shade.  They are very smoothly textured and blend well.  But they are soft that I need to be carefully not to overly blend.  They last very well over my primer of choice (Nars) and have wear times that last to the end of my workday.

The two middle waves are warm browns and close enough to each other in terms of tone.  The darker shade is a darker variation of the lighter one.  The split pan shades can be used either to add depth or to line.  They skew slightly cooler with what looks a bit green tone.  The pale highlight shade is a warm creamy white, and has a soft frost finish.  Everything is very nicely pigmented and with the tonal and depth variations can easily create a gradated look on the lids (darkest from the lash line, and going lighter to the brows).  You can easily just use a selection of a few shades to create a few different looks.

I don't know if I've been effusive enough.  EFFUSE EFFUSE EFFUSE!  These are exceptional drugstore eye shadows!  Ok, moving onto the next.

GY-7 also has the same format of shades.
It is slightly less pigmented than BR-2 and also more sheen to the finish.  It's a warm grey palette and the middle waves of the base shades are yellow toned and provides a color contrast to the split pan greys.  The lower split pan shade is quite black and near matte.  The sheen from the shimmer adds a distinct golden fast over the shades.
Here's a look at how these shadows "sit" on the skin.  They do very nicely, I think.
In the GY-7, I find the two base and the two darker shades to be very close in depth.  They seem a bit like duplicates of each other.

And now, here is PK-1.  Which I think is not all that pink and more a peach tinged palette.
The pale highlight shade is also a slightly pink cream.  The two middle waves are a light pink shimmer and a medium peachy shimmer shades.  The split pan has a medium warm bronzy brown and a darker, cooler brown.
Pretty, right?

Here they are on my skin:
PK-1 has a delicate selection of shades, that appears unpigmented, but it's really the lack of clear contrast with my skin.  You will see below when compared with the other two, the pigmentation is quite good.  While I'm not a huge fan of pinky/peachy shades for my eyes, I can wear these pretty well without looking ill. :)  Isn't this what we all wish for?  Not to look like death?

The trios of them all together:
These are not really groundbreakingly unique shades, but they are very well executed basic shades.  I'm sure most of us are not lacking in neutrals, but you might find room in your collection for one of these.  They are available in Japan only, but for those of us not there, you can purchase on Ichibankao.  I find the pricing very reasonable for the quality.

Please take a look at drivel about frivol who showcased her VisYays and some of these palettes.  Why yes, some of these very same ones.

Bonus swatch help here.  In case I run out of arm, I've got extra appendages to swatch on.  How awesome is that!
Tried them yet?  Any other Visée eye shadow palette shades you think would be worth trying?

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