A Belly, a Blogger and a Consumer Walk into a Vanity

And they all say: "WOAH!  THAT'S A LOT OF MAKEUP!"

Or maybe they say: "Ow."

I don't know.  In any case, this Belly, this Blogger and this Consumer did walk into a vanity and note that indeed, there is so much stuff she's consumed, blogged about and salivated over piling up on her vanity.

Why so much so that she's completely overwhelmed.

I suspect I had a good reason at the time I bought any one of those masses of things.  Maybe I really had a hankering for the new limited edition such and such from some fancy brand.  Maybe I needed some awesome new foundation for change of season and maybe I just wanted something nice to feature on the blog.

Whatever the reason, the rate at which I acquired new stuff was too high and here I am with so many nice nice things.  Hey.  Hey.  Is it ok since everything I have is so very nice, so very high quality and I do use pretty much everything?  But if all I own is so much that even if I rotate through everything I use an item only every few months then my personal calculation says: "WOAH!  THAT'S A LOT OF MAKEUP!"

Funny enough, I am not all that motivated these days to purge, although there are things I definitely want to get rid of.  I am also not all that much in the mood to buy, though will Fall releases starting to glimmer out there in the horizon, this is subject to change.

I am also not all that exciting about blogging either.  It's been really educational and edifying reading blog posts from other beauty bloggers writing things about buying, about beauty and about blogging.  I'm glad to know I'm not the only one feeling some ambivalence about the whole enterprise of being a consumer/blogger/makeup freak.

While I think I can continue to squeeze the lemon (figuratively) on blogging, I'm not sure I'm dying to keep at it.  Oh, as many of you mentioned to me in comments, I can still do more stuff and you had such fun creative ideas.  But also as folks as said, Do what makes you happy.

One thing definite is that the blog will or will continue to be slow.  I'm insanely busy these days.  I think when stuff starts to pique my interest, I may put some posts out there, but I'm not going to try to encourage my bloggerly fingers to type posts out.

Not a goodbye or anything, but wanted to share the muckity muck in my head.  Thanks for being such wonderful support, for being good company and so much freaking fun to hang out with.

Oh gah!  Watch me post a hundred more posts in quick succession right after this.  This is because I am unreliable in all regard.  But that's me, Belly.

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