Full Assed x 2

If this is my fourth half-assed post, wouldn't you say that is equivalent of two full-assed posts?  Wouldn't you?  Why, couldn't you?  I really feel apologetic to such a fancy pants brand like SUQQU to have to be on a blog where the blogger is obsessed with ass.  SO SORRY SUQQU!  SO SORRY LUZURY MAKEUP WORLDS.

On the other hand, makeup using Himesango turned out particularly refined and elegant looking.  One would never suspect that the blogger is obsessed with being so full assed.

Himesango has been featured several times on this blog, compared to Tom Ford's Enchanted (Himesango won for me) and in a recent look over the winter.  It's pretty much my quintessential neutral palette really.  I wouldn't say it's exactly an inspired color combination like Ginbudou, but a really beautiful neutral mix of taupe, brown and peach.  I like the variety of depth which help me build all manner of different looks, both subtle and dramatic.

11 Himesango

Here is today, which is all about big meetings and looking *snortgiggle* professional:
 I used the base all over and then applied the taupe pan as the main lid shade and also on the lower lash line.  I used a good heaping dose of the peach in the inner third of my upper lid.  The split pan's lighter brown was used on the outer third of my upper lid and the darker split pan to define both the upper and lower lash lines.

Since the peach is so pretty and I was in a springy mood (despite the crap rainy weather), I built the rest of my face on corals to coordinate.

Dis equivalent to two full asses
Base: Suqqu Frame Fix Cream N foundation, Ellis Faas Concealer, Suqqu loose powder in Natural to set, RBR Implappy duhfanoo finishing powder to blurrrrrr.
Eyes: Himesango, Tom Ford Espresso pencil (waterline), L'Oreal Telescopic Extension WP mascara
Cheeks: Edward Bess Secret Affair
Lips: Chantecaille Lip Chic in Sunrise

Haha!  I suspect you are politely trying to stifle your yawns, with boredom tears dripping down your face, while you try to maintain interest here.

I'm really more the neutral face kind of a woman rather than anything too creative or outrageously colorful.  I'm getting some good mileage out of those Z Palettes lately.

Still Working Through Those Z Palettes

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