If You Give a Belly a Z Palette

I'm sorry to all those looking for a little variety in this blog.  I have so much stuff going on with work that in addition to less frequent posting, I have either run out of new things to show, no time to blog/take pictures, and these days not all that much gumption to keep this whole blog rolling along.

One thing that I wanted to execute better on the blog (but instead will post these poopie pictures) is that I am focusing on going to each and every one of my SUQQU eye shadow quads on consecutive (makeup-wearing) days.  My camera ran out of battery so I just took phone selfies.

I mentioned that I saw the the old quads 01-06 are on the official SUQQU global website as "UK Exclusives."  Hopefully you will see these old quads rolling back into inventory at Selfridges.  These are some of the most deliciously executed neutrals I own.

Here are two I did, because, I dopey and like numerical order.

01 Kakitsubata
The beautiful bronze in the palette is the focal point and the main lid shade and the blue used to build depth around the eyes and the outer corners.

Made this a red and blue kind of a look, with the very sheer red Creamy Glow Moist in EX13 Beniaka.

On my cheeks is the Edward Bess Blush Extraordinaire in Secret Affair.

03 Matsukasa

 Matsukasa is the brown brown palette, of course and lends nicely to all manner of smoky smokes.
A good heaping dose of Tom Ford Espresso liner in the waterline.  Also big gobs of the Rouge Bunny Rouge liquid bronzer.  I'm glowing brightly like the suuuuuun!

And because brown, so pink nao.  *scratches sleepy head*  Right?  A lovely friend sent me a Visee Creamy Lipstick in PK804, the limited edition shade from a few months ago, which is intensely pigmented and very white based.  Applied straight on looks neon on my face, so I blotted it down with my fingertip.  *surreptitiously wipes finger on your white shirt while you not looking*

Cheeks is the THREE blush in 20 Love Twist, a lavender pink shade.

And since I said numerical order is the way to go, you can expect to see 04 Keshizumi, 06 Ginbudou, 11 Himesango...er... then what do the EX numbers come before the perms?  I dunno, let's see if we get there.

n.b.  Oh, heheheh!  The Z Palette I was referencing and the post title is a play on "If You Give a Mouse  a Cookie" by Laura Numeroff and its many related books (Moose, Cat, etc)

Continuing through that Z Palette

SUQQU Balancing Cheeks in Momoshuiro 01 and Usuzakura 02