SUQQU Balancing Cheeks in Momoshuiro 01 and Usuzakura 02

When Suqqu released their SS14 product offering, they offered two new permanent blushes.
Please say hello to Momoshuiro (left) and Usuzakura (right).  Momoshuiro is described by the brand as peach coral and Usuzakura as sweet pink.  When I posted about all the SS14 collection from the press release in February, I mentioned I was very interested in these new Balancing Cheeks blushes but worried about the overall pigmentation.  My previous experience with Momozoe, another Balancing Cheeks (now long gone from my blush drawer) was slightly disappointing since the color was so pretty, but the colors didn't really show on my skin.
First let have a little ramble through the format of these blushes.  On the left side is the light and matte finish color which is supposed to be sebum resistant.  The right shade is deeper (also I think dustier in tone) shimmery shade, using something called "wet granulation" which is the same formula as the new base shades in quads 15 Mitsucha, 16 Hanashoubu and 17 Yomogiiro.  And similar to the eye shadow base shades, there are visible shimmers that provide an overall glow to the skin where applied.
A closer look at Momoshuiro:
This is not a vibrant blush by any stretch of the imagination, is it?  The pale matte shade is a soft warm peach.

The right side is a deeper color, which I guess is the "coral" part of this blush.  To me, it's more rose, with a slight tilt to peach when I lean the pan one way or the other.  More peach in the above picture, more rose in the below picture.  In the pan picture, you can see the textural differences between the left matte pan and the right side shimmer pan.  The distinction is even more dramatic in the swatches.
Here are the swatches of Momoshuiro.  I've first swatched (L to R), the pale matte shade on the left, then the shimmer shade and then finally, a blend of both shades.

Consistent to my experience with pretty much all powder products from the Suqqu brand, Momoshuiro is silky and smooth with no heaviness or density.  There is no dustiness, chalkiness, powderiness despite the pale tones of the blush.

Look at the middle swatch.  The natural direct light tends to amplify the shimmer and you might be able to discern some very prominant glittery bits.  Since I wear the two shades blended (right side swatch), the effect is more luminous and less GLITTAHHHHH!  On my face, it looks like angelic glow.  Also that sebum claim?  I have dry cheeks, so I can't attest to that and I don't feel like applying this all over my nose and forehead to validate that claim.  Heyyyyyy, new blush placement ideas! 

However, I will note that this is not a pigmented product.  I have similar colors that pack a much greater punch.  For my winter pale skin (NC15 to 20), it show up well, but as I approach closer to NC20, I do need to layer more heavily for the color to show.  The pigmentation is something to consider if you want to pick this one up, but if your thing is glowing and subtle color, then this is it for you!

Now, let's see Usuzakura, or beautiful Sweet Pink.
Usuzakura is a super pale shade.  Same format.  You can see how the white/silver silver is really gleaming in the right side pan.
Swatches of the L) left side pan M) right side pan and R) blended of the two pans.  It's a really delicate and pale warm pink.  It's not Barbie-toned and really lovely.  The blended shade in particular has a lovely finish.

Again though, it doesn't have a ton of pigmentation even though the finish and the feel of the product is superb.

I thought you might like some comparisons to some similar colors among my peachy shades and light pinks.  You might find a more pigmented option that might suit your preferences better.

Here are the peaches and corals that I've selected.
Going by pigmentation alone, Edward Bess Blush Extraordinaire in Secret Affair would be the "winner".  It is also more satin in finish and darker.  This is total accidental clown city if not applied carefully.  Of the more delicate in pigmentation and glowing in finish options, Chanel's Fleur du Lotus might be a great alternative.  Of course, this was the Asia exclusive from a few years back that Nordstrom had in the US as an exclusive.  It pops up from time to time on evil bay and blog sales.

For Usuzakura, Chanel Narcisse* immediately came to mind as the blush to compare.  Pan color looks different, but the swatches...hmmm...interesting.
Here are Usuzakura and Narcisse swatched together and hopefully you can see how close these colors are on my arm.  The very sheeny finish on Narcisse is much more glowy than shades in Usuzakura.  If you own Narcisse (DC) or other of its dupes, then you might feel you have your very pale pink niche filled.

By the way, I am wearing Usuzakura in my recent post on Suqqu Hanashoubu (also from the SS14 releases).
Well, definitely not unique butterflies in my blush collection of coral/peach/pinks, but the beautiful finish and look of them on my cheeks make them awful lovely things to own.  I do wonder if there are any more unique colors of blush I do want to add or if I've maxed out on color/finish combinations.  Things to thunk about, huh?

disclaimer: * indicates a product received without charge as a pr/marketing sample for consideration

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