Sweet Sighting of the Non Makeup Variety

On Saturday, I enjoyed this view all day long from my house.
Took this photo from the inside
A most tiny little fawn was tucked into a nook in the exterior of my house.

When the mother came many hours later and the little fawn leaped around with joy.

I had to really hold myself back from tapping on the window, running outside and wrapping my arms around the baby while screaming, "SQUEEEEEE!"

My whole family was completely enraptured when the mother and the baby reunited.  We must have given the doe major creeps while we creeped at them from the inside.  She turned around to face us head on, snorted and stomped stomped stomped stomped on the ground to tell us to back the fuck off.

:(  We just want to SQUEE and LOVE YOU BOTH.  DATS ALL.

SUQQU Balancing Cheeks in Momoshuiro 01 and Usuzakura 02

Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in Hanashoubu 16