Counter Intelligence at Cle de Peau - Fall 2014

I had been intrigued by the PR images on these new Cle de Peau quads.  Several of the options, 308 Cosmic Aura in particular were particularly attractive to me.  I had stopped by Saks last week and did not see them (they are online at Saks now), and was surprised to see them out in pristine display at the counter at Bergdorf Goodman.  It looks like Saks has the pictures for 307 and 308 transposed.  308 is definitely the blue/purple quad.

I took a moment to swatch all the offerings expecting heart-stopping pretty, but left pretty disappointed.  The last Cle de Peau quad version I owned (here) had very pretty neutral tones, but suffered greatly from glitter fall out.  This time around, even at first finger swipe, I was pretty much unimpressed with the sheerness of majority of these colors.  Beautiful soft textures were there, just not the level of color payoff, lack of fall out and finishes I was hoping for.

Hmm, looks like my wibbly opinions are not necessarily consistent to the universe, so do check out some wonderful posts in our beauty blergy-o-sphere:
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Here are quads 301 Marmalade Sky, 302 Star Dust and 303 Baby Universe.
 Here are quads 304 Champagne Supernova, 305 Satin Moon, and 306 Silver Eclipse.
 And the last two 307 Stellar Gaze and 308 Cosmic Aura.
 Here is 301 below which has a satiny pink, two very pale frosty pink and white shades and a very glittery copper.
And 302.  Pretty colors, but very low contrast and needs some more deeper tones and matte textures I think.
 303 with some warm and mauve tones.  The third satin shade is a lovely plum.
 304 took several swipes of my finger to get any of the shades to show.  Very pretty colors, but really lacking in pigmentation and pretty much disintigrated into glitters that fell off my skin.
 305 are beautiful and gorgeous variations on taupe.  The warm natural light is making it look way to brown, but much more neutral than they appear.
 306 are variations on icy silvered tones.  This could probably be worn to very dramatic effect.
 307 much too metallic and sheeny for my preference.  I thought that the color combination looked oddly executed in person.  I like purple accents with neutrals (like SUQQU Hanashoubu), but this purple didn't provide any visual interest nor textural contrast.  This one was pretty pigmented.
 308 was the one I really wanted to check out.  The first two shades shift colors so it is very interesting, but again the 3 purple/blue tones in one quad didn't appeal to me in person.
Oh well.  I really must get into the habit of checking ALL new things I can in person. 
Any new releases that you've checked out in person that either really blew your expectations out of the water or really disappointed you?

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