Ding Ding! Chantecaille Compact Makeup Foundation + Shu Uemura 50H Brush

While playing around with my new powder foundation that I posted about the other day, I kept on thinking that the application didn't feel right.  When applied it was fine, but it took a long time to apply with the dense, small, dome-shaped brush like a Tom Ford Cream Foundation Brush.  The enclosed sponge in the compact also didn't seem to work the product in my skin and kind of let it just sit on top.  I need something with dense bristles that can cover a large area but with some level of precision.

I always forget I have this brush.  I forgot to include it in my giant All My Brushes post.
This is the Shu Uemura 50H brush which was released in 2009, which is right around the time Shu Uemura pulled out of brick and mortar locations in the United States.  Mine was purchased in Asia, and I recall the SA happily demonstrating the virtues of this dense goat (?) hair brush, for bronzer, powder, blush and contour application.  Its flattened but dense profile makes excellent work of powder application.  Why, it is so great that this is one of the things I always port around in my makeup bag for touching up with pressed powder and the errant blush re-application.  And using the tip of the longer side, I can work whatever product into facial crevices.


Ah, I love it when my slow brain gets cooking and percolates an idea.  (more like ding dong)

In addition to really liking my new Chantecaille Compact Makeup foundation, I am really loving this brush for this product.  The wide head makes quick work of applying the foundation across the larger areas of my face (cheek & big forehead) and then the smaller tip of the brush works product around my nose, around my mouth, in my bellybutton.  I can also gently buff in the makeup into my skin as well and the finish is quite good.

Even more DING DING, was applying the foundation over my Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense Sunscreen (tinted sunscreen).  The tint is slightly weird looking grey on me and the yellow tint of the powder does nice job of correcting that and the finish looks great!
Anyway, this is how it looks.  You can excuse the odd up-nose angle of this picture, but it gives a good sense of how the tinted sunscreen + Chantecaille Compact Makeup + Shu Uemura 50H work out together. 

The tinted sunscreen does some initial work of eliminating out the redness and giving some minimal coverage (and protecting skin against the sun naturally) and then the buffed in application of the Chantecaille powder foundation takes care of cancelling out the grey with the yellow, layering on additional very light coverage and providing a more matter finish.
other makeup worn: THREE 4D Eye Palette in Mystery Girl, Tom Ford Espresso eye liner (again!), Chanel JC blush in Fleur de Lotus, Chantecaille Lip Chic in Daphne
What strikes me as funny is the kind of stuff that gets me crazy excited in makeup is the weird experimentation, combination and application that ends up being unexpected wins.  The fun stuff about makeup is the personalization and exploring what works for me.  That's cool.  Anyway, this product and application combination has been holding up very nicely through some uncomfortably warm and humid stretch of weather here.  I top off my t zone with more powder foundation mid afternoon and it's looking great.

Regarding that brush...hmm, I don't think it is available in the US (I don't see it on line).  Friends with Shu counters, have you seen this brush?  As an alternative, brushes with similar shape might be the Rae Morris Ultimate Cheekbone brush or Hakuhodo ones.  You should check out Sonia's comparions of the RM here which I think might perform similarly.

Any recent discoveries for you that made you go "DING DING!" ?  Yay!  This ding dong had a ding ding!

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