Random Rant Thursday

Sometimes when I am in the mood to splurge on some beautiful things, it doesn't take much to tip me over to buy something.  A walk through the glistening beauty counters, a few new releases, some pretty colors is enough to make me stop and chat with the counter folks and buy something.  I am always interested in new brushes.  While I have many (probably too many), a unique shape or certain density makes me ponder if it would make a good fit in my collection.
I knew recently that Nars revamped their brushes and having seen favorable blog reviews made me keen on checking them out in person.  I suspected that most things would not compare as favorably to my favorite grey squirrel brushes, but I was looking to be spending.  After looking and touching the display, my eyes were drawn to the eye shadow blending brush (#42) and the eye shadow precision contour brush (#44).  A good blending brush and a nice dense pencil brush are always welcome additions.

Neither were very soft, but I'm ok with sacrificing some softness for really good function.  Still, I was curious about the hair type because there are some kinds I am less fond of than others.

When I asked what the hair types were, I got a long rambling answer where the gist was, Oh I'm not sure.  Let me check the packaging... which doesn't say.  But they are usually synthentic.

Really?  Not to know is ok.  I don't mind doing a little researching on the web to find out, but why does she make up answers?

Then I asked how much these two brushes were and she didn't know.  And instead of looking them up, or scanning at the register to look up the prices, she made up an answer saying both are about $34.  (FYI, $32 for the blender and $28 for the pencil)  That pretty much killed any mood to buy anything from the counter.

Maybe she wasn't regularly a worker at this counter.  Or maybe she was new.  I wouldn't mind any of this, but why make things up?  I just don't get it!

Another rant:
I hate when things are too pretty to ever touch or mar, but the belly heart just wants wants wants!

Case in point:
 WALA!  Yes, it's the exquisitely, painfully pretty illuminating face powder from Chanel.  It's the Dentelle Precieuse which is exclusive to Nordstrom.

I need another highlighter like another hole in the head.

Have rants you'd like to share today?

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