Sisterhood of the Traveling Palette Series: SUQQU Blend Color Eye Shadow in Mitsucha (The Mr. Brown Edition)

I am pleased to bring you another edition of the Traveling Palette Series!  Liz  (my sister from another mister) from So Lonely in Gorgeous pondered if one palette can flatter, amuse and delight a multitude of faces.  We embellished our faces with Addiction Departure the last time (me- here, Liz - here!) and this time we take on one of SUQQU's recent Spring permanent releases, Mitsucha.  Take a look at how a skillful application looks on beautiful Liz here.  When you come back, you can take a look at mediocrity on a Belly.

I've featured this palette several times before, but today, I meditate on the theme of BROWN.
Mr. Brown is very brown, is he not?  Brown suit, brown complexion, brown cow.  Moo.  Today I am inspired to go all out brown in a day brown version and then a night brown version featuring the golden brown tones of Mitsucha.

Day Look:

These are the products I used, until I realized that the liquid lipstick wasn't the brown I was looking for and ended up swapping that out for SUQQU Creamy Glow lipstick in Hiwada (swatches here).
In addition to a meditative slathering on the theme of brown, I also wanted to take the opportunity to carve out more depth and dimension on my eyes.
My base is a mixture of the Rouge Bunny Rouge liquid bronzer and the Addiction Tinted Skin Protector.  It imparts a very natural warm and slightly sheeny glow to the skin.  A light blush application of Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicata barely adds a nude color to the cheek bones.  SUQQU Creamy Glow lipstick in Hiwada is a very subtle yellow-toned peachy nude for unobtrusive shine and tonal balance.  Eyebrows are barely swept through with Shu Uemura H9 brow pencil in Seal Brown.
I was mentioning brown with dimension before.  For the eyes, I ran the enclosed fluffy brush in the SUQQU brow palette loaded up with the light brown contour shade (right side of the brow palette) from the side of the bridge of my nose and swept up in a slight curve to underneath the first 1/3 of my brows.  It's gives a slight illusion of a deeper, less flat curvature of my eyes.

I used the darkest brown shade with a pointy pencil brush (Chikuhodo Z10) to lightly define my socket line.  I also used the same dark shade to define around my upper and lower lash line.  I mixed the copper & gold shades and used that to color the upper lid and also lightly on my lower lash line.  I blend out the edges with the pearly base shade from the palette with a fluffy blending brush.  I tight lined for additional subtle definition to the upper lashes.
It's a low contrast look, that is still defined with enough angular depth around the eyes to make it interesting.  I don't know, it's certainly daytime wearable, but it look a lot of time doing the eyes considering how simple the whole thing looked.  If I did my face like this for work every day, I would be late all the time.

All right, a Night Look:

Brown is my story and I am sticking with it.  My night look is similar in concept to the day one above, but used more intense colors in the lips and cheeks as well as amping on the colors selected for the eyes.

For night time, I swapped out the lipstick with the intense brown red SUQQU Creamy Glow Ichijiku.  And I added in the Tom Ford Ravish blush, as well as the Tom Ford Bronzer in Gold Dust* (provided as a gift by the brand) and Tom Ford liner in Espresso.
For the complexion, it was really a matter of really heavily applying the Gold Dust bronzer.  Too bad the picture doesn't show the sheen of this bronzer, but it is something spectacular.  I don't wear this often because it really isn't the more natural look I tend to go for on the complexion, but when the light hits the skin, it is like a disco ball of the utmost high class.

Tom Ford Ravish is a true chameleon for me.  I wear it with a very light hand most times and it acts the way a nude blush like Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicata would (from the Day Look).  But applied with a forceful hand, the brown-red tones really come blooming forth.  Quite something, eh?

Isn't there some outdated rule that says don't do all features with intensity at the same time?  Well, FECK IT!  Eyes, Cheek, Lips!  BROWN!  BROWN COW NOW!  SUQQU Ichikiju is a stunning red to complement all the other strong features in this night (hooker) look.

Close up of the Mitsucha eyes:
 This night eye is reasonably similar to the day eye.  The big difference is really Tom Ford Espresso eye liner that is used to define around the lash lines.  I used it to also color in my lower waterline.  The same dark brown in Mitsucha was applied a bit more forcefully around my socket line.  The copper was applied to the mobile lid as well as on my lower lash line.  I used a flat paddle brush to then apply the bright Mitsucha gold to the center of my upper lid.
Hope you enjoyed this installation from the Sisterhood of the Traveling Palette Series, the Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You edition!

What colors are your favorites for a single-color meditative session on your face?

Would you like to participate in the sisterhood with Mitsucha?  If so, send me a link and I would be happy to link you in this post!

Until next time, sisters, MOOOOOOO!
*this post contains a product that was provided without charge.  Please check out my disclosure policy on this sort of stuff (here).

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