Belly Linting

I haven't done one of these introspective posts in a while.  I think I've come to uneasy terms with spending and being of the uber-consumer mindset for makeup.  Let's pivot on our heels and talk about blogging.  How 'bout that?

I am pretty much amazed that Wondegondigo is actually still chugging along and I am enjoying the more leisurely pace of posting.  Have to admit that I am slightly sad that statistical pageviews are lower since I've stopped the frenetic (for me) pace of posting, but this pace fits a bit more closely into the time and energy constraints I have.

Here are some thoughts I have been wrestling with related to blogging.  I like being transparent about things like that on this blog.

"I don't belong here."

Lately, I've been feeling this more strongly.  My part in the beauty blogosphere is relatively short & very small, but even in the little time I've been in it, there has been a bigger and bigger shift in the nature of beauty blogs out there.  I'm not even talking about the shift to video as the preferred medium for having a beauty media presence.  I am amazed at the savvy and slickness (sleekness?) of the blogs out there.  I am equally dazzled and simultaneously dismayed.  Dazzled because of how incredibly polished they are but I feel dismayed that I feel more out of place with the sleek blogs.

I do think there is room and reason for a dinky, personal and niche blogs like mine.  Dinky beauty bloggers of the world, UNITE! :)

I actually think it's my own ego and relentless striving that wants my blog to be the most specialeriest blog ever.  I'm trying to reconcile my happiness in having a dinky blog operation with the opposing desire to have a more amazing blog.  I want to take over the world, but I don't think I have that capability frankly.

"Maybe I should shoehorn myself into there?"

I've been doing lots of small things over time to increase the quality of this lemonaide stand: upgraded camera, research into lighting and general photography equipment, downloading a trial version of Lightroom.  I am pondering a new template for the blog to snazz it up, new lens, et cetera.  I am winded just thinking about all this stuff.

Consider products a bit less niche to get teh moar bigger stats?

Start a Youtube channel?  <----bwhahahahahah!

"What the hell do I know about makeup to have a blog?"

Anyone can have a beauty blog.  Anyone.  This is a truth and often cited.

I came by my "expertise" <-----bwhahahahahah by paying for it.  I don't work in the industry.  I don't apply makeup better than anyone else.  I have what I have by paying ooooodles of money for it.

...not to say that my love of beauty is not authentic.  It seems like a weird way to have and maintain a blog by just paying loads of money for it.  Why?  WHY CAN'T GOOD THINGS BE FREE?!

"Am I going to be a 50 year-old woman putting selfies on a blog?!"

This is not a dis on all the great blogs for older women out there. 

But because of all my vanity, which I have tons of by the way, just like I have tons of forehead, I feel like it would be weird (?  right word?) to put my face out there and documenting aging.

And for some reason, it seems unseemly (again, wrong word?) for me to be putting selfies out as I age.  This feels like a very controversial statement to me.  Taking self portraits to post on some social media seems to be very much a younger person's activity and I really don't feel part of that generation.  I lived in a world before internet!  (I used to go to the library to research topics.  Now I just say, "Siri, what is the name of that Tim Curry character in that movie?"  All this new technology... so weird.  I digress, but I mean nothing wrong is with aging.  Maybe something wrong with aging while posting selfies on a beauty blog.  I'm not sure.  I need to work through this thought noodle even further.

"Why do my favorite blogs disappear?"

This one makes me sad.  There's been blogs I've loved and been fans of that have POOFed!  Many of those were by bloggers closer to my demographic and with a personal sensibility I admired and related closely with.

Why do these blogs disappear?  Makes it seem inevitable that mine will one day poof as well.  The song of my peoples... it is a song of POOF!

Til next time, faithful or occasional readers of this dinky operation!

We now return to our regular scheduled, makeup-fueled but not all that frequent posting...

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