Butterflies & Clams

I must have truly missed out in my younger years living in such an urban setting.  There are many pleasures in city living but the pleasures of living closer to nature is pretty incredible.  While I may whine about the deer pooping all over my lawn, the weird giant rodent things eating every one of my flowering plants (killing my beloved peony!), the birds chirping at 4 in the morning, seeing incredible things up close and personal is delighting me. <---run-on sentence, IN ACTION, LIVE on WONDEGONDIGO!

I went out to pick some flat leaf parsley during the weekend and saw many of these gorgeous caterpillars serenely hanging out among the stems.  Upon research I found that these are Eastern Black Swallowtails and they exclusively feed on plants in the carrot family (parsley being one).
I think they will go off elsewhere to cocoon to develop into the beautiful butterflies with the black wings, but I will enjoy their company for a short while.  My parsley is looking a bit sad and brown, and so I'm very glad they are being enjoyed by these insects.

from Floridata.com
source: here
Pretty butterflies!  And the vibrant green on the caterpillars blend expertly into the parsley plants.
Not that I am a huge bug lover or anything.  I have recently discovered a hive of angry yellow jackets under my deck!
Speaking of recent pleasures, after first trying this in New Haven, CT many years ago, I ate this delectable white clam pizza.  It was so salty but full of garlic-y and ocean flavors on top of a very well cooked and charred crust.
I think next time, this pizza will also require the accompaniment of bacon.  Yah?

Any recent simple pleasures you want to share?  Makeup pleasure is also good and always welcome!

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