KIKO, SUQQU and Other Things

I was recently in Garden State Plaza where a KIKO, the Italian cosmetics brand opened a free-standing store in the States.  They've been open about 4 months now and since have also opened a location in the Woodbridge Mall.  Both locations are in New Jersey and do not take telephone orders.  The SA thought didn't have a time frame for when the web shop would start to take orders.  Having heard about the large range and high quality at affordable price points, I was really excited to check them out.  I'm afraid I might have frightened the nice SA with my relentless and unbound enthusiasm for swatching and smearing.  And truth be told, by the time I left (with shopping bag, of course), I had a crazed look in my eyes and drunk on KIKO.
While my look into KIKO was productive and exciting, I went to the shopping mall with the specific reason -- take a look at the Chanel Dentelle Precieuse and try it on.  I mentioned how I was dying to own this highlighter but I wanted to really make sure this was going to be worth the high price tag.
Well I did try it on.  It wasn't in stock at this particular Nordstrom location (and WOAH!  Out of stock on line, too!) but the tester was there.  And boy, was it beat up.  The exquisite lace embossing was completely worn away.  I did get to play with it for a long time and applied it on my face.  While the SA was kind to offer to locate it for me in the stores, I declined.  I realized that though the product was really a lovely wearable golden highlighter, what appealed to me most was the lace design.  I would likely never use this up and I'm sure getting to the point where I was starting to wear away at the pattern would be a big bummer for me.  If I am honest with myself, I would just lose interest and it would sit in the drawer.  Ugh.  Watch me regret not buying this a few months from now and angrily look through eBay listings.

It was a productive week though, makeup wise.

The Guerlain counter at Neiman Marcus had just set up pristine new display of the new Kiss Kiss lipsticks.  I picked up one.  I regret that my supreme laziness once again inhibited my ability to swatch all the shades for you.  No first thoughts really, but some nice colors.

The mascara on the other hand is the one Driveller has been recently featuring in her posts, the Guerlain Cils D'Enfer Maxi Lash waterproof mascara.  This mascara makes me ponder if it is possible to have lashes that are too dramatic!  Is such a thing even possible?

The other beauty thing on my mind of course is the impending release of the SUQQU AW collection.  Japan releases on 8/8 and UK a few weeks after.

Tomoko tweeted some pictures of the upcoming collection.  It looks UK release is 8/21.  Give Tomoko a follow!

Lately there seems to be a very limited quantities when new releases hits the counters.  It's hard to tell if the things you might like would actually make it online at  If some of the last LE items were any indicator, on line ordering might not be the most successful way of going about to get one of these things.  You may pre-order and reserve by calling the counter directly: +44-20-7318-3956  (LONDON); +44-161-838-0605 (MANCHESTER).  I haven't ordered directly from the counter in a long time, but I have heard that they still do telephone orders even though on line ordering is now available.  The shipping charges are higher than the £25 on line shipping charge.

Well guys, how has YOUR beauty week been?

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