Rescue Beauty Lounge in Will They Won't They

The blogger previews of Rescue Beauty Lounge's new collection Anatomy of a #Kdrama snagged me like a rabbit in a snare.  Makeup Withdrawal's beautiful photos (here) made me wait anxiously for the pre-sale email.  I picked up three shades, but today I want to feature Will They Won't They.
I seem to have a soft spot for these lavender shades.  The skin on my hands and fingertips are a mess of pink and yellow tones, and find these types of shades very flattering on me.

Will They Won't They is a gorgeous lavender which becomes even more eye catching (rabbit snaring?) with it's infusion of silvery aqua micro shimmers.  The shimmer lends a distinctly cool impression to the nail color and has a beautiful way of glinting very brightly in strong natural light.

I don't want my shimmer to be a secret!  I was happy to see that the striking shimmer in the bottle is readily visible when the color is applied on the nails.
Here is a close up on my nails.
I find most Rescue Beauty Lounge shades to apply pretty nicely.  Some shades are one coaters for perfect opacity.  In this case, the formula is slightly thin.  I've applied two thin layers over a base coat and I think a third thin layer would provide better coverage.  As it is a slightly sheer shade, a third coat is really warranted (or say two thicker layers).

It is very smooth to apply, and once dry, it feels completely smooth to touch.  No gritty glitter here.  It dries to a nice shine, though for these pictures, I've applied a top coat.   It's very flattering on my skin and not so flashy that I can't wear this in a normal office setting.
The wear on this shade is quite good.  Some colors in Rescue Beauty Lounge tends to shrink when I apply a top coat, but this one doesn't.  I will get close to 5 days without noticeable tip wear or chipping, which I consider absolutely fine.

I'm growing a pot of basil in the planter.  It will be time for some pesto making soon!
Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes are available on the Rescue Beauty Lounge website (here).  You can sign up to be notified of their pre-sale notifications and various discount offers.  (Non-affliated links, by the way.  Just for your convenience.)

What summery shades are keeping you cool this hot summer?

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