SUQQU Eye Color Palette (Trio) in 01 Toutouseki

>>The item featured in this post was sent free of charge by the brand/PR.<<
Of the items SUQQU sent me was one of their new eye shadow palette format, the trio in 01 Toutouseki.  The original press release stated that these trios would bring a "wet look" to the eyes.  I tend to have the preconceived notion that the wet look finish is 1) not work appropriate 2) glitter mess and fall out 3) not flattering on mature eyes.  Before you slap me around, by "mature," I mean it in a shorthand way for anything less than perfect smooth lids generally found in younger women.

While I myself am not averse to shimmer, I tend to shy away from true metallics and chunky glitter.  SUQQU itself is well known for beautiful and complex shimmer shades, but with the trio's stated mission to give the "wet look" sounded a little... shall we say frightening? intimidating?

Since the trios are a new finish for me, I took a fair time comparing it to other SUQQU shades and another brand to dissect it into bits.  Get comfortable, and read on!
First, of course, this is a three-pan palette format with square pans.  You can see it compared to my Hanashoubu 16 here.  It is slightly longer in length than the quads and less than half the width.  Not shown, but the SUQQU lettering in the front is white instead of the usual black embossing.
There is no actual base shade in my opinion like the lower right side of the quads, but the shades can be layered in a variety of ways of achieve specific but subtle effects.
The colors (heh, in opposite order of the picture of course!):

  •  The top side of the palette (closest to the mirror) is a glitter shade of super fine pale pink and silvery pink.  The base shade is clear.  The texture reminds me of the glitter topcoat in Tom Ford quads, but the shimmer particles are much smaller and refined.  It adheres exceptionally well to my skin when I use my finger to pat on the shade.  This is my normal technique for applying glitters.  Patpatpatpatpat.
  • The middle shade is a warm peach.  It looks pinker in the pan, but on my skin I see the color applied into a peach shade.  It's hard for me to categorize this as a metallic but it does lend a sheen to the skin.  It does contain variously colored micro shimmer.
  • The bottom shade is a warm brown that is similarly satiny in texture as the peach, and much less sheeny and metallic than the peach.  The shimmer is warmly golden along with various other pink, green, and brighter golden ones.
Definitely click on the pictures of get a closer look at the textures and the shimmers as it sits on my skin.  Yup, not a matte or satin among the bunch of them as promised.  The pigmentation isn't particularly rich.  As a matter of fact, I feel it lends more sheen and suggested nuances in shading when layered and applied on my skin than actual depth in color and pigmentation.

Here's a few pictures of how the shades layer one on top of the other.  The top row shows the brown as the base with all its alterations with the different layering and then the bottom has the peach as the base. I think it's remarkable that Brown + Peach looks different than Peach + Brown!
 Here again in more direct natural light, you can see all the shade variations with the layering are very nuanced and subtle.  But of course, I don't expect to wear all the seven variations on my lids at once!  But where one shade might blend into another, I can see all the subtle shades.
I will show some pictures of how it looks on me, but I wanted to also compare 01 Toutouseki to some other palettes and shades that shared some similarities.

First I compared a Japanese drugstore product, Visée Smokey Rich Eyes in PK-1  with the SUQQU.  The pinky peachy cast of the PK-1 seems to share a lot of similarities with SUQQU.
And indeed, color wise, I think I can reasonably match up the SUQQU peach to some approximating closeness to the two pinky peaches in the Visee.  The Visee does not has a glitter shade, but the pale highlighting shade is quite frosty in its own right.  The two Visée browns are more satin in finish than the golden brown in Toutouseki.
 The really big difference is in the way light shines off the two different palettes.  See below, with my arm angled differently to catch the light, the upper swatches of Toutouseki positively gleams.
Not finding an exact match, I dug into through my SUQQU quads to see if any of those shades were similar to the Toutouseki trio.  Among the big pile, I liked how the peach of Himesango, the darker brown of Mitsucha and the pale lavender of Yomogiiro looked.
(Dudes!  Look how awesome these depotted eye shadows are!)
 From what I can discern from comparing, the shades of the other palettes were all each more significantly pigmented and ended up darker when compared to Toutouseki.  And the finishes were much less sheen and sparkle than Toutouseki.
Of course analytical swatching is really one thing and wearing it is another.  And while wearing it I was so pleased with just how lovely and wearable Toutouseki was.  Was it full of shimmer and gleam that caught the light with surprising KAPOW?  Yes!  But the very fact that the colors were so low key and translucent allowed me to wear it confidently.  After playing around with a few placements, I found I liked it most worn in a lighter-color dominant placement using the peach as the main lid shade and using the brown just in the outer corner and slightly into the crease and also in the outer third of my lower lash line.  (oops edited to add that I'm wearing the glitter patted with my finger on to the center of the upper lid)
 Other products used in this look:
Chantecaille Future Skin foundation, SUQQU Nuancing Loose Powder in Natural, Ellis Faas concealer.
SUQQU Brown Pen in Moss Green, Hourglass 1.5mm pencil, Guerlain Cils D'Enfer Maxi Lash wp mascara.
SUQQU blush in Momoshuiro, and SUQQU Bright Up Lipstick in Akaanzu.

While I do think this is a sophisticated and nuanced palette, I think it would be ideal for those that love the glitter, love the sheer layerability of SUQQU and very basic neutral shades.  Have you tried any of these new permanent SUQQU trios?  What did you think of them?

Disclosure: this post features a product that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration.  However, all my opinions are my own!  Yes indeed!  Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here.

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