SUQQU Eyeliner Creamy in EX-03 Ruby Navy

Disclosure: This post contains product provided by the brand/PR.
SUQQU was kind to offer several items from the new releases from AW 2014.  Today I will be featuring the new limited edition Eyeliner Creamy in EX-03 Ruby Navy, but will be showcasing one of the trios as well as the new limited edition Creamy Glow Moist over the next few days.  

And look, how nice of the sun to cooperate for a scant few moments to allow for some good photo taking.

These potted eyeliners come with a small brush included, which is great because my very old Bobbi Brown Ultrafine Eyeliner brush is looking frayed and chewed up for any good use.
By placing the cap on the bottom of the brush extends the brush head into a miniature, but perfectly usable eyeliner brush with a fine tip.
I prefer pencil eyeliners on most days, but some while back, I was very much a Bobbi Brown and Shu Uemura addict for gel liners.  I was keen on trying out the SUQQU version in the limited edition color offering.

As I mentioned from the press release, this AW collection is inspired by the luminous and glowing tones of jewelry.  EX-03 Ruby Navy is a deep rich navy blue that is full of very fine multi colored shimmer.
The liner is very soft, much softer in texture than my Shu Uemura and Bobbi Brown liners and easy to pick up product with a brush.  While a cream product certainly, it has a certain powder feel when applied while retaining the precision of a cream liner.  It feels smooth and not at all gritty despite the shimmer and lovely being applied.
While it can be layered on into the full intensity of pigmentation you see in the swatch below, the initial swipe of the brush on the skin is soft.  I can create both the precise lined look that a good gel liner can achieve or apply softly and blend quickly to achieve a softer look.  
It sets quickly and becomes cemented on to my skin.  I was crazy surprised that a normal swabbing of my Bioderma barely dented the swipe while a Bobbi Brown swatch I had originally applied next to it easily wiped off.  I had to really rub and rub hard after a few seconds of a cotton pad soaked in the micellar water applied over the line.  Ack!  Look how I've rubbed my skin red to finally clean the swatch off my arm.
Wear time is excellent remaining precise and sharp!  I've only applied over my normal Nars Pro Prime, and with only minimal fading in my inner corner, the line stayed completely intact.  It did clean off well with cleansing oil.

I will be showing the new liner in a few looks in upcoming posts, along with posts on the lipstick and the new trio.  I hope the sun feels cooperative and allow me to take some pictures while I get my indoor lighting situation figured out.
Utterly gorgeous color and could definitely get me into potted eyeliners again.

SUQQU is available at Fenwick London Bond Street and Selfridges London, Birmingham and Manchester in the UK.  Outside of the UK, you can order by reaching the counters directly or online through the Selfridges website (here).  For pieces of the AW collection, I recommend calling the counters directly as inventory on line is notoriously spotty.  You can read my post on where to buy SUQQU here for telephone numbers.  International shipping prices are very expensive.

What are some of your favorite products and colors for eyeliners?

>> This post contains product provided by the brand/PR.  My opinions are my own.  Do check out my full disclosure statement here<<

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