Tom Ford Fall 14 Collection - Some Swatches

I am pretty sure that a burger and bloody mary fueled rampage through Barney's and Bergdorf Goodman ranks pretty high among makeuppy pleasures.  Everything is better with a good burp and a smear (of makeup), yes?

I was pleased to see that Tom Ford's Fall 14 was available at the counter at Bergdorf ready to be scrutinized and further poked upon.  There were some folks getting a makeover so I didn't get to swatch the lipsticks, but I did get to look at what are the stars in the collection: the new quad and the new blush/highlighter duos (Contouring Cheek Color Duo).  Other various products, mascara, foundation, concealer, et cetra are also part of the line, but generally the powder products are the ones I am most keen on checking out.

All in-store lighting, so not ideal.
Duo in Soft Core, Nude Dip quad, Duo in Stroked, on bottom, Extreme Mascara in Mocha Rush
I have Stroked on the top of my hand (highlighter, blush) and then Soft Core (highlighter, blush).  I think in theory, for really shaping the cheeks, the duos are a great idea.  After all, using the very shimmery highlighter, I would be able to get some excellent brightness and be able to use the darker blush shade to add some more definition.  But the darker colored shades are very shiny in finish, and reminds me a fair bit of the sheen of Wicked blush.  I think for those that are really into glowy finishes, these would work better than on me.  I also suspect that those with textural issues on their cheeks might experience more pronounced look to their pores.
Of course, it's the quads that always catch my eye!  Nude Dip has some beautiful shades, but similar to my thoughts on the blush/highlighting duos, the finish is very uniformly frosty and shiny.  The darker shade is more satin, but you can definitely see a lot of visible shimmer still.

Also the three lighter shades are very close in depth that I would likely over-blend and muddy up any look.  The colors are exceptionally pretty and the quality of the shades feel wonderful!  These shades can be used wet or dry and my finger swatches were dry of course.  I can only imagine how much richer the wet shades would look.
 Unfortunately for me, these uniformly shiny textures would not work well for me. 
Tom Ford fall is available on pre-order at many places, including Bergdorf Goodman.  Winnie, the counter manager is wonderfully helpful.  You can give her a call at (212) 872-2813.

Have you pre-ordered anything from Tom Ford's fall collection?

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