A Slow Dog Head Tilt

An Introduction and a Non-Kitty
Have you experienced a moment when it feels like your little world tilts slightly off its axis and ends altering something essential in you?  Don't worry!  We're talking makeup so I'm not mulling over anything deep.  (Although, there was that time when I learned Hello Kitty wasn't a cat...

A recent New Yorker cartoon in this very serious and heady topic:


The Events That Were a Trigger
Very recently my sister Liz from So Lonely in Gorgeous stuffed a box full of makeup (and assorted delicious things) and sent it to me from Japan.  I was keen in filling out my collection of THREE eye shadow quads as well as get grabby with the new SUQQU palette EX-21 Murasakisuishou.  (All thanks be to Liz for yums and makeups!)
from my Twitter account.
And of course it's been a week of deliriously slathering on all the things on my face.  Of course.  Lately I've acquired quite a tidy amount of new things and while I'm okay with the expense associated it, I was noticing a distinct hrmmppphhppffpppttt feeling.

For instance, when I opened up the new SUQQU palette, I was awash in zingy feelings of teh happy at how pretty the colors were.  But as I played with it, layering this and that combination, I wasn't truly moved.  (Of course we're talking about makeup.  Makeup moves in a way the makeup "moves" which is make me swoon about the shades, the shimmer, the complexity, blah blah)

Tried one placement and then another (washed out phone camera pictures):

 There are 8 shades in that sucker.  I suspect I can be wearing this in different combinations for the rest of my life.

A Realization:
The rest of my life.

Then it struck me, as I thought about this octet and about all my recent purchases (and past purchases) which are all variations on neutrals in every shade, texture and combination of shade and texture.  I have enough already.

As a person purporting to run a beauty blog for personal purposes (ha!  such a bad bad sentence!), I can't possibly buy yet another neutral eye shadow for these supposed personal purposes.  Can I?  *insert dog head tilt here*  I will do a fuller post shortly on the SUQQU EX-21, because it is very beautiful and deserves a post with nice pictures, wordy text, et cetera.  However, as I started formulating thoughts on what I wanted to write in that post, I realized I can say things like:
  • "this is a great palette for someone building a collection of beautiful shimmery neutrals"
  • "add a few neutral mattes and you are set for life"
  • "it's Hammer Time."
Made my inner dog tilt its head and made me ponder why a person like me (with GOBS of makeup, mostly neutrals) needed to add this particular pretty into my collection.

I think I am at a point in my personal collection where I'm looking for the really infinitesimally small aspects that make a particular beauty product more special than others.  (darling, your mileage my vary as we all have different preferences in pigmentation, texture, pricepoints, blabby blabby)  Also, based on my preferences, I've culled back and edited and purged a ton, including beautiful Burberry and Addiction eye shadows.

And lately my hunt for new things tend to me things even more rarified (also tends to be more expensive) than what I already own.  I have recently been hovering at the Serge Lutens counter again, pretty sure I was going to buy eye shadows and the vampy lip color palette.  But none of those felt exceptional to me (certainly not for the prices!).
Serge Lutens vamps!

Have I truly and completely maximum overload in neutrals, fancy lipsticks?

If I gaze deeply into myself and into this blog (again makeup, not life!), a personally motivated blogger does not need one more eye shadow and probably one more anything else.  I can continue down the rabbit hole looking for the most perfect things like:
  • best foundation color match ever.
  • best lipstick formula in a perfect vamp color (I can see this going on for years!)
  • more skincare experiments because my skin keeps changing and being all a pain in the ass
  • the very enticing hunt for more fancy Japanese brushes.
  • other luxury brands to fall in love with.
  • and on and on
Whew!  That all looks really tiring and tiresome.  Since I am at the point where, for me, I have mostly what are the "best" of everything, obtaining any small measure of improvement over what I already use/own/featured on the blog, would be a very dull exercise indeed.

What Does This All Mean?!  Is There a Cheat Sheet for This?
It's like my blog is telling me it can't go on!  I'm very good at ignoring voices in my head though.

Other option can be to say blog for blogging sake and feature all the new releases, the new formula breakthroughs in whatever and keep at it!  I think that would fundamentally change the nature of this "dinky" operation though.  I can see how other bloggers have quit.

Damn it, the blog is experiencing an existential crisis!  Feh!

I'm going to lie down and think long and hard about this.

SUQQU Creamy Glow Moist in EX-15 Benikiseki - Veil Glow

SUQQU Eye Color Palette (Trio) in 01 Toutouseki