My First SUQQU Palette - Ginbudou 06

If it feels like deja vu all over again, it's because I've featured this palette several times before on the blog.  (And probably because I am running out of ideas on what is a "good" post on the blog, frankly! :P  But needless content, hey!  Why not!?)  Doing the recent post on the new limited edition palette, EX-21Murasakisuishou made me recall what exactly about the "older" palettes I love so much.

I don't want you to think I am some total glitter pr0n nerd, because these days, I am finding all sorts of new found respect for matte eye shadows.  What I really wanted to showcase, was what I mean when I say that a palette is balanced in terms of color composition, texture variation all with a pigmentation that allows for some beautiful layerability.  And darn it, it looks as good on my skin even though my skin is changing over the years.

The color combination of the charcoal grey, the deep purple and the iridescent gold is inspired.  Sure, much less available combination and layering options compared to the eight-color EX-21 Murasakisuishou.  Still each shade and each finish of Ginbudou combine to create light, depth and shade.

For me, when I mention in other posts about a matte shade that grounds a color story, there aren't many palettes that have a star like this purple.  It's not just this star purple color though, it's working in conjunction with velvety satin grey combined with an unexpected rich iridescent gold that makes this exquisitely moody color story.
I didn't fully appreciate this palette intially, falling prey repeatedly to all the new things that relentlessly pursue me (and my wallet) and distracting me.  Many times, after a few frenzied months of love for new things, I kick things to the curb.  But Ginbudou only has grown in my esteem, allowing me to try colors I would never try together and developing a fuller appreciation for the beauty that is this palette!
Took me a few years to truly love this palette.  Yet I remain a fickle monster!   So hence, you can expect all those other things that continue to...SQUIRREL!

Ginbudou remains in the SUQQU brand line up and is available as a UK exclusive.  You can ring up your favorite Selfridges SUQQU counter to purchase it as it occasionally comes back into stock.

Do you have makeup items that holds a special place and gets better and better?

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