Trinket from Quotidienne

My friend runs a beautiful online shop of an edited selection of clothing and accessories called Quotidienne.  The shop features brands and designers with a clean and minimalist esthetic as well as a manufacturing process that leans towards the well crafted, often small scale.  Through her shop, I've been introduced to many designers and of those I treasure my once stolen and then returned wallet from Ellen Truijen as well as a few handbags.  A while back, I purchased an interesting bracelet from Ilsa Loves Rick from the shop.  You may have seen glimpses of it in all my recent swatches on the blog.  I love the heck out of it.

The cuff is an abstract snake hammered into a thin golden band with all the organic feel of hammered metal.
I never get complimented on my makeup in real life, but I get compliments all the time on this bracelet and many requests to know where I purchased it.

If you fancy such pretty trinkets, you can purchase it here.  It is currently out of stock but is expected to be back in stock shortly, so keep watch!  (fyi, I've no affiliation other than fan-level affiliation with the shop or with the brand.  :D )

Have you shopped from Quotidienne before?  Any jewelry that become your favored signature pieces?

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