Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Blush - Swatch Set

I'm not 100% sure when the Charlotte Tilbury kiosk popped up at Bergdorf Goodman.  During the last beauty event, when I on the floor finalizing my purchases I noticed a small set up for the UK brand.  I tried to get a bit closer, you know, for um science and stuff, but the small area was densely packed with other er... scientists.

This past week, I received a note from Winnie, who was the former counter manager at the Tom Ford counter in the store.  You can see her foot in the picture below.  I was really glad that she is still around, and this time around managing the Charlotte Tilbury in the store!
What?  This picture not blurry!  Must be your failing eye sight!
I took it as an opportunity to check it out during my lunch break.  Luckily, it was quiet on the floor and I had the whole area all to myself.

I remember when the brand launched to much marketing hoopla in the UK a while back.  When it launched I was hoping to see some for myself, but on the whole, the initial feedback were mixed.  There are many reviews out there in the world wide web, and even more now that the brand is distributed in the US.  I don't have anything much to add, but I was very keen on checking out the range for myself.

On this day, I was particularly interested in the blushes and the lipsticks and managed to swatch all of them.  I decide to scrap the lipstick swatches because the combination of the meager indoor in-store lighting and my dopey phone camera, I was unable to capture decent pictures.

We are in business on the blush swatches though, since I got some good natural lighting by a big window.
Very quick impressions:

  • Plastic cases are very lightweight.  I've heard that the brand shares some affinity to Tom Ford.  But just by packaging alone, it appears to be a less luxurious presentation of a brand.
  • The blushes are very smooth and fine.  I didn't try any on my face, but there is a very appealing silky quality to the product.
  • They are much more shimmery than I initially thought and wouldn't have realized without seeing these in person.  Some colors are less shimmery than others.
  • The pigmentation is not high, but are not poorly pigmented.  As a comparison, Tom Ford is much more pigmented than these Charlotte Tilbury ones.
There is the "swirl and pop" method to the application that the brand suggests:  pick up the color of the outer ring of the blush and apply (swirl) to cheeks, and then take the brush to get the center "pop" color and apply that color again to cheek to "pop."  My swatches have blended the colors and I suspect I would be too lazy to try such a finicky application method.
  • First Love - Is a really pretty soft nude.  I think this was the lightest in pigmentation and was satin in finish.  On my skin, it translated into a beautiful mauve nude with a dose of brown.  
  • Love Glow - warm peachy pink.  The shimmer is strong in this one.
  • Love In the Drug - the inner darker pink dominates this swatch.  I think theoretically you can moderate the intensity of the application by avoiding this deep pink or using a lot of it.  This is also shimmery.
  • Ecstasy - please don't kill me!  But is this the Charlotte Tilbury version of the Nars Orgasm but not as glittery?  There is a very strong golden sheen to this applied color based on the shimmer in the color.
  • Sex on Fire - A little plum, a little red and a little brown!  I really like how this color looks.  Slight sheen, but not overly so.
  • The Climaxx - a warm orange leaning brown with a slight sheen.  I guess this might work as a bronzer but the shimmer might make it less applicable for that purpose.
Both First Love and Sex on Fire are absolutely lovely.  I think I'm going to see how Sex on Fire compares to Tom Ford Ravish as a potential dupe first before pulling the trigger.

I will take a look at the balance of the range at some point.  I believe the Bergdorf Goodman counter will have its official opening this week, along with a brand new gleaming counter.  Have to admit that the overly abundant marketing push makes the brand a bit less appealing in my eyes. I hate to be such a packaging snot, but the really light cases do nothing for me.  Probably more importantly, as the reviews have not been as wholly positive about all the products in the range, I will need to tread a bit cautiously.

Have you picked up anything from the line since the UK or the US launches?  How did your experience go?

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