Four Hands Yields the Most Glorious Look

Why hello, hot stuffs. 

Ah! Sweet, utter relief to know today is Friday.  I have many plans this weekend.  Most of which involve puttering around the kitchen and also taking a trip to see a sculpture park.

On my little lunch break, reading Yahoo news articles, I came upon this ad.


What is happening here?  Did Ellen morph into this woman with four hands?  How do I also get four hands?

I attempted to recreate the above picture, but lacking additional appendages, I wanted to share the most amazing look I've ever created:

Hmm, you know how people sometimes post looks inspired by images?  I find I'm not so good at that.  I am actually wearing a new SUQQU quad that Nicole from Swatcharama purchased for me, Sakurabata.  (Thank you Nicole!)  Turns out that without my everyday Nars Pro Prime, everything I put on my eyes disappears into nothingness in a matter of a few hours!  All HAIL EYE PRIMERS!

Here is a better picture of SUQQU Sakurakaba I posted on my Instagram account yesterday, which was a mini color comparison between Toutouseki trio (posted here in detail) & Sakurakaba quad.  You can see in the swatches that the trio is much sheerer and cooler pinky peach.  Sakurakaba is a lush peach and the dark plum brown is glorious (but a little patchy in application).
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This weekend, I expect:
  • Pie baking
  • Farmers market visiting
  • Sculpture gawking
  • Serious eatin'
  • potential for some blog picture taking
What about you guys?  What's shakin' this weekend?

You Asked and Winner of the Bellycorn Giveaway Announced!

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