My Mighty Team of Bellycorn Rides! And Friday

As promised earlier, I drew five additional losers from my last Tom Ford Nude Dip giveaway and will be sending out to each an actual Bellycorn, in shrinky art form.

Do you know that there are all sort of interesting names for groups of specific animals.  Why isn't there a listing for unicorns?  Check out this interesting listing (here).  For a group of horses (not Bellycorn, but close enough): team, harras, rag, and stud.

I send my Bellycorn stud, out into the wooooorrrrlllld!
The recipents of the consolation prizes are:
  • Claire L.
  • Yukari N.
  • Rocaille
  • Annamaria Q.
  • Elle M.
I've sent you all emails!  Please respond to claim your shrinky dinks.  All unclaimed prizes will be baked and then hung up on the Belly family Christmas Tree.
These surprisingly took a lot of work to make! >:(

Beauty Related Things I am Excited About:

  • SURRATT is launching the brush collection next week at Barney's (not sure of the launch in the UK or SG).  Aren't they lovely?  I hope to check these out in person next week.  I actually personally own too many brushes.  One of the reasons't that hold me back from buying additional Chikuhodo ones (though I have been steadily amassing the adorably stubby Artist reds) is I'm overly saturated.  However, I am a true sucker for quality with function that suits me.  I also see what looks like Canadian squirrel (the mottled looking hair) in the eye brushes, so I'd like to really take a look at those.
Image from Surrat Instagram

  • Beauty Blogger Jane C. from Life's Entropy has a new makeup line!  Check out her shop here.  I've purchased the Particle Contouring Stick in Proton (here) as well as samples of the rest of the shade range of this item.  I am also really excited once her reformulated foundation mixers are launched later in the year.  A yellow!  A white!  eeeeee!  Jane Jane!  May I suggest a green for the olive among us?
    Image borrowed from the shop site (here)
  • I've revamped the blog with some jazzy *jazz hands* new template from Carries Loves Design Studio with a quick download from etsy.  I'm going to keep on tinkering a bit, but so far I like it!  I hope you also will enjoy the new sleek me.  I hope my html tinkering don't break anything.
I've been really behind on taking pictures, editing, writing.  I don't foresee much improvement in this regard if I can be frank.  (Hello, Frank)  You know, holidays approaching, friends and family visiting, soccer season happening.  :)  I'm doing well and I hope you are, too.

Introducing Surratt Beauty Artistique Brush Collection

What Happens When I Walk Outside - Tom Ford and Charlotte Tilbury, a little CHANEL