CLOSED: The Bellycorn: Behold Its Magical Beauty

Thanks to all that entered!  This is now closed and winner announced below in the widget.

This month, two years ago, I had the bright idea to put up a beauty blog.  In truth, I had zero clue the emotional (and financial) rollercoaster this blog would be over these twenty four months.  More importantly, I celebrate this blog and all of you, who tirelessley have been trudging through my blog posts: the food posts and the makup posts and the endless naval gazing posts.

That's right!  It's a Belly Blog Birthday Bonanza!

In honor of it, I drew you a picture (and keep scrolling and keep reading):
Behold, the majestic magical beauty that is the BELLYCORN!

Or so I thought.

When I solicited some feedback from the well informed denizens of the makeup board on makeup alley, I received the following:
  • "Is that a goatee?"
  • "the darker grey areas appear to be stubble... poorly groomed 'corn."
  • "She needs a waxing?"
  • "pubes?"
God, you people just can't appreciate good art.  I think that my standards of beauty is just different.  *scratches self*  To pretend to be more mainstreamlike, I gave it a brazillian wax:

Thank you for joining me on this journey... on the George Washing Bridge.
I know many of you have been long-time readers and your company cheers me greatly.  For all your comments, your advice, your words of wisdom, your many funnies, I thank you!  Or hump your leg... whatever.  Same thing.

In honor of you & the hairy unicorn, I would like to offer you a chance you smear yourself with unicorn dandruff.  Iz a surprise, a unicorn surprise.  (I say check out my Instagram photo stream to get a pretty big hint.)

Starting today, you can enter to win a unicorn.  Ends midnight in two weeks.  I swear it is not a bag of unicorn pubes.  I totally pinky promise.  To enter for a chance to win, all you need to do is:
  1. Ask me a question in the comment field.  Best questions will be compiled into a future post (for ridicule & fingerpointing).
  2. Enter in the Rafflecopter Widget below (allows me to draw ONE random "winner."  This isn't to say that the rest of you are losers.  Well technically, you would be a loser.)
This is open internationally and you need to be 18 years or over to be considered a valid entry.  All terms & conditions are in the widget.

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