Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Cocoa Mirage

Cocoa Mirage might not be the quad you were expected me to post about today.  Yet, here it is, because I've been really using this (and spoiler alert: really liking it). 
A rambly post ahead, but still with some structure.  First a chat about Cocoa Mirage.  Second, a look for other Tom Ford similar quads.  Third, a chat about "layerability" compared to SUQQU.  Fourth, comparison to other "good" mattes.  And finally, a face/look spam-fest!

Chat about Cocoa Mirage:
Cocoa Mirage is very unique in the Tom Ford eye shadow quad line up, missing the glitter shade (or two!) and featuring three mattes and one shimmery shade.  Not really sure why I passed this one up in the original launch of the brand, nor why I kept on passing by it, but I do have a demonstrated soft spot for complex shimmers and this is definitely not that.
(Unrelated rant:  Argh!  My new macro lens picks up dust I can not even see with my naked eyes.  I tried to zap them out but my 6 year old Macbook Pro is unable to handle all the graphics powering requirements and too slow with photo editing.)
I do like how hefty these quads are from Tom Ford.  Having recently felt up Charlotte Tilbury items in person, the comparison esthetically vastly favors Tom Ford.  Of course, one pays a very hefty price for this heft.
Packaging aside, how are the colors and how do the colors perform? 
It is not the softer, smoother and more unctuous texture of some of the later releases like Orchid Haze, Enchanted (dc) or Nude Dip but compared to the original generation of the Tom Ford quads, the quality is very good.  The issue with matte shades, specifically, is that there is a tendency for dryness and a chalky application effect on the skin.

In the case of Cocoa Mirage, I found the texture and feel of the matte shades to be very good, with pigmentation I find easier to work with, meaning not very pigmented and easy to blend.  They are super fine in texture easy not to overblend when I apply on my eyes. 

The swatches, clockwise from top left of the quad:
  • a very pale and opaque matte warm white. 
  • matte yellow toned tan. 
  • a dark matte warm brown.
  • a warm, red-toned brown with red shimmer.
A closer look at the shimmer shade in the quad, which has a beautiful texture and shimmer which is not complex, actually monotonal, but very pretty.

Other Tom Ford Comparison:
Dupey dupe abound?  I own several warm toned brown quads from other brands, but I see that within my Tom Ford collection, Cognac Sable might be somehow vaguely related.  But the very intense glitter, lack of matte and more distinctive orange tones clear indicate they are not really all that related.  No comparison
Ah, Cognac Sable, it be quite gleamy in the light.  I'm blinded!

I also compared it to SUQQU Matsukasa, another very warm brown palette, also a matte, satin, shimmer mix of shades.
What I actually did observe (and hopefully captured on camera) is the differences in layerability.  I know I tend to go on and on about how beautifully SUQQU layers (in every SUQQU post ever), but it was interesting to see how similar shades and finishes between SUQQU and Tom Ford layer to such different effect.

Take a look.  The SUQQU is on the left and Tom Ford is on the right.
Even though the shimmer in that dark shimmer shade in Tom Ford is pretty strong and distinct, it all flattens out to a very subdued shade when all the Tom Ford shades are layered one on top of the other.

Seems to me that the sheerer (and to me still even airier than Tom Ford) texture of the SUQQUs  allow the shimmers and the color differences of each shade to show more distinctly.  Hence the final layered SUQQU swatch shows a lot more distinction and complexity.

Now a Matte Matte Matte Matte Matte ramble:

I ended up taking a closer look at the matte dark brown shade in Cocoa Mirage to other very good mattes I own: Rouge Bunny Rouge, SUQQU and a KIKO Infinity single.
Of the ones I compared Rouge Bunny Rouge by far had the smoothest, most buttery (GAH!  hate that word) feel.  The pigmentation on this one is even and dense and applies like a dream.  There is absolutely no chalkiness, no extra ploof of dust when picked up with a brush in the pan.

KIKO on the other hand was also smooth but unlike RBR, kicked up a good bit of extra dust in the pan.  Pigmentation, not as strong as RBR, but can be built up on the skin.  As a more reasonably priced item, I still think the value is quite good on this one.

Matsukasa swatches weird, but applied over the pale base shade in the quad, it applies like a dream.  This is the least pigmented and the lightest in feel compared to the rest here.

Tom Ford is all around terrific.  Good pigmentation, nice texture, even application and excellent blendability.  Minimal dust kick up as well.

Are you still wondering which one is the best and if anything is truly worth it?  *shrug*  Dunno.

A Delicious Kimchi and SPAM-fest:
All I can tell you is that I am wearing Cocoa Mirage in each of these three looks.  Everything else, I have no recollection.  (bad bad bad bad bloggarrrrr)

Look One:

 Look Two:

 Look Three:


If you made it to the end, congratulations.  You did it!

This quad has been out a while.  Do you also own this one, too?  I am awful late into this aren't I?  What are some of your very favorite warm brown palettes and mattes.  I want to know!

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