What Happens When I Walk Outside - Tom Ford and Charlotte Tilbury, a little CHANEL

I rang up Berfgorf Goodman earlier in the week to reserve the Tom Ford cream eye shadow in Platinum.  This is a repromote from a few seasons back and now offered as a Holiday limited edition item.  If you have many regrets about missing out last time, it would be a good idea to pick one up quickly.
The folks at the counter confirm this is not exactly identical to the original one.  I ended up getting rid of my old pot because it was slightly too cool toned for my skin and this one appears to be slightly warmer (and I think better suited for my skin).  They still have these in stock at this moment, so you can give them a ring (Natalie or Clif can help you 212-872-2813).  By the way, Clif was recently featured in a New York Times article regarding beauty counters offering more and more personalized services offered by brands.  I am unaffiliated with them of course, except for the fact that I spent a lot of money there!

More Tom Ford here, folks.  Clif steered me over to the new matte lipsticks and I thought you might want a good peek at the limited edition shade: First Time (L) and Black Dahlia (R).
  • First time is a white based, opaque and light pink (with coral tones). 
  • Black Dahlia!  Ah!  Too bad Tom Ford lipsticks freak my lips the heck out.  Reminds me a good bit of the now discontinued Black Orchid.  Black Dahlia appears more red and berry, while I recall Black Orchid being more blackended and purple in comparison.
Helen from lolassecretbeautyblog swatched all the shades, so do check it out! Here.

I now pit the Tom Ford against the Charlotte Tilbury!  (Cage FIGHT TO THE DEATH).
I mentioned in an earlier post that I was keen on purchasing two of the blushes, First Love and Sex on Fire (swatched them all here).  I was thinking that Tom Ford Ravish (original post here), which is one of my all time most versatile blushes reminded  me of Sex on Fire.  So I put them next to each other.
Tom Ford Ravish is on the left, Charlotte Tilbury Sex on Fire on the right.  Pretty close, even though Sex on Fire is pinker and duskier.  I bet lightly applied on the face I wouldn't see that much of a difference.  Right?  Right?

My wee Chanel haul, even though I never do well with Chanel nail polish.  This is the Fashion Night Out polish Sweet Star.  She's a beauty.

Annnnnnnnd, I very lightly blotted on some Tom Ford matte Black Dahlia which less than an hour into wear is already making me feel dry.  :(  So sad.  Do you notice a stronger brow?  Lovely Natalie in at the Tom Ford counter passed on some strong brow game tips.  Game on, brows!
Happy Friday, everybody!  What new makeup bits have you been looking at?

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