You Asked and Winner of the Bellycorn Giveaway Announced!

Hrrrrrrrpppmmmmph.  Is it odd, or is it to be expected that the majority of your questions centered around food?  And lots of "best of" or "most favorite" type of questions.  Why do you ask such difficult questions?  Why not ask me what time I wake up in the morning or how I like my steak cooked?

Surprised at the hard questions!
I'll try my best to seriously answer your questions. 

Q:I've clumped the: "your favoritest makeup/brand/purchase ever in the whole world" questions together:
Can you spot the Chanel Narcisse JC, SUQQU Ginbudou and Addiction Soda Lunch? 
I think I have Addiction Revenge in there, too.  Maybe even a grey squirrel brush from SUQQU
A: Dontcha know?  I may put on the veneer of the picky and the fickle and of a connoisseur.  In actuality, I LOVE so many things!  I have a bias for the SUQQUs and THREEs and other Japanese high end brands, but at the heart of the matter, I am an all-consuming consumer.  It's very hard to pick a favorite.  And you can't make me.  HRRRMMPPPH!
Q: Amalia asks what makeup I would wear in a romantic sunset in Santorini.
 A: Amalia seems like a lovely human being, even offering to babysit the Belly Offspring, but IT'S A TRAP.  Sending a snow woman to Santorini would only mean heartache and a cup of Snow Water.  She's trying to kill me.
Q: What motivates me to keep at blogging, asks Angela.
A: Angela, I have no simple answer.  Partly: Fame, Fortune, Lifetime Supply of Bacon.  Ego.  Mass Destruction.  OCD.  I tried to stop many times.  Many more times than I've ever reported on the blog.  Yet here I am making Microsoft Paint doodles on the blog.  Obviously, I have problems.  This is like when I dated my dope of an ex-boyfriend for a few years longer than I should have.  Seriously.  I can't stop.  Help.
Q: A related question was how I come up with blog material.
A: Easy way is to keep on buying and keep on swatching.  Thinking about buying nothing and doing swatches via Microsoft Paint.  What do you think?
Q: Several of you asked what I am reading, my favorite authors, etc.
Dom Belly in shiny pleather.  This is a pretty accurate representation of my body.
 A: Would this be a weird moment to mention that I've read Fifty Shade of Grey something like three times?  Ok, well, that's just BRAIN TRASH.  I've become less of a voracious reader than I used to be, but my library notified me yesterday that my copy of Haruki Murakami's new novel is waiting for me!  Whee!  I have been disillusioned with his recent works (After Dark left me cold, 1Q84 was so bleck), but I remain ever hopeful that his new work remains faithful to the old magic of his earlier works.  I am currently reading To Kill a Mockingbird.  Can you imagine?  I've never read this before.  Also last week I finished two Gillian Flynn books: Gone Girl and Dark Places.  All fun reads.  Also last week (I like reading multiple books simultaneously), I finally finished the last of the Margaret Atwood Trilogy MaddAddam.  I like post apocalyptic genre of everything (movies, book, nightmares).
Q: So who won this ridiculous Bellycorn?
A:  I would like to congratulate TAMMY L. who is the proud winner of the Bellycorn, a.k.a. Tom Ford Nude Dip.  She is also receiving a little token of my slobbering affection, a shrinky dink of the Bellycorn. 
Q: What about the rest of us losers?
A: I will randomly draw five (additional) winners (or losers) from the rest valid entries and also will offer them a conciliatory prize of the Bellycorn Shrinky Dink.  Yes, not exactly Tom Ford.  :(  But ... ridiculous, kind of like this blog.  Winners (losers) to be announced soon.
Congratulations to Tammy.  And special thanks to each of you that entered, asked all your bizarro questions to provide excellent fodder for my doodles.

What Happens When I Walk Outside - Tom Ford and Charlotte Tilbury, a little CHANEL

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