SUQQU Blend Color Eye Shadow in Sakurakaba 05

Are you new to this blog?  If so, you may not know that I have a complete and total obsession for SUQQU eye shadow palettes.  Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs level of obsession.  And if you are old hat to these silly parts, you might also be same in preoccupation.  *pets your silly head*
I've purchased many a new things recently.  *cough*  So why choose to show this, which is one of the older eye shadow quads from the Japanese brand?  While the new ones from the brand are beautiful and shimmery and covetable, these old ones have such a special place in my heart.  I think my heart is not a right normal organ, mostly I think it is full of shiny plastic cases, and pumps glitter.  And as it beats, it also sends a loud message of: "BUY IT GET IT BUY IT GET IT BUY IT GET IT."

Alrightie then.
Unlike the shimmer on shimmer on shimmer compositions of the new trios and quads from SUQQU's recent releases, Sakurakaba heels close to the old white matte base, dark matte, lighter high shimmer and one satin format.  Looks kind of boring in the pan.  And though I've collection pretty much all the older quads one through six (purged dry icky Kokedama), this one kept on falling out of proverbial shopping cart.

I do my near daily penance for my short sighting shopping by wearing this often.

Clockwise from the top right:
  • pale, shimmery peachy pink
  • a mid-tone satin peach with cooler shimmer, slightly rust in cast
  • a warm white matte base shade
  • a very dark, deep and gorgeously matte color that is a plum brown
Thank you, Pan, for allowing this old quad to still be available from time to time in the UK.
Thank you, cold Sunlight, that plays with the pale shades and brings out the happy shimmers.
Thank you, Bizarro Belly Skin, that turns most colors taupe.  The three colors (no base shade) turns into a layers shade of complex purply grey taupe.
This palette in particular pleased and surprised me with just how pigmented the matte plum brown shade is.  All the shades are particularly smooth and applies delicately, but with some good level of oomph.  
I am wearing it as a very simple smokey gradient, which is my preferred Lazy Belly easy way of placing the shades in the older SUQQU quads.  Basically dark matte close to the lash line and smoked, deep peach layered above it and slightly past the crease, and the light shade layered on top of the whole thing and applied higher up the lid.
In this look, I am wearing:
  • Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation in Pale Dune
  • Surratt concealer under eyes and around nose (here & all colors swatched here)
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Impalpable Finishing Powder (here)
  • SUQQU Sakurakaba
  • SUQQU Akanemizu EX-03 blush
  • SUQQU Bright Up lipstick in Akaanzu (here)
  • Guerlain Cils D'Enfer Maxi Lash waterproof mascara
  • SUQQU brow palette in Moss Green (here)

And thank YOU, Belly Blog Reader, that enjoys a good sparkle-sauce as much as I do and allow me to share our mutual obsession here.

Has a recent purchase of an older product completely knocked your socks off?  Let's share the old shiny happy things!

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