SUQQU Eye Color Palette (Trio) in 03 Aoruri

>>This was a personal gift from a friend<<
I wish I can say I love absolutely everything I've tried from SUQQU, but that just isn't the case.  In this particular instance, the product quality and formulation are fine.  Actually the other trio I own, Toutouseki is pretty much fits my ideal of sophisticated glitter.  In the case of Aoruri, I couldn't possibly find harder colors for my skin tone!  However, I am so grateful, to my friend "Anonymous" (hehe) who offered me a trade of a SUQQU trio, for a fine specimen of a Shrinky Dink Bellycorn.  My friend has a rather off sense of fair trade wouldn't you say?  I'm not complaining! ;-)
Emblematic of the newer releases from the brand, there some shimmer and a glitter in this trio.
This palette has two "color" shades and a sparse, but intensely glittery top coat.

  • There is a shimmery dusky blue
  • A shimmery plum
  • glitter top coat that has a sheer base shade, and mostly imparts fine glitter
The picture below is a bit washed out by the bright natural light, but you can see the finish of these three shades pretty clearly.  There is an overall icy coolness to these colors that is even further enhanced so by the bright white shimmers and the pale blue shimmers in the blue shade.  They are all very translucent and a good part of how the color looks on your skin will be greatly influenced by your own skin.
As mentioned, they are not intensely pigmented, but shows up pretty well on my skin and on my eye lids.
I've layered the two shades and topped with the glitter shade and it turns into a very cool dusky purple.  Though this collection has a theme of jewels, the colors are muted and very cool leaning.  

Here I am wearing Aoruri.  Very cool shades every where isn't my thing, I can see.  In this look, I am wearing all the same base products as in the last post, plus:
  • SUQQU Aoruri palette on eyes
  • Chanel Stylo in Ebene
  • Physicians Formula liner
  • Guerlain Cils D'Enfer Maxi Lash waterproof mascara
  • Chanel blush in Rose Ecrin
  • SUQQU Bright Up lipstick in Hanabeni

Maybe it's something about the very strong yellow pigmentation in my skin which makes these cool translucent shades so tough to wear.
I also found the dusky blue particularly difficult to wear confidently.  I have the plum shade worn all over the lids and up past the crease.  I've placed the blue on the outside third of my lid as well as slightly into the crease.  I've mixed the two shades and placed in the lower lash line.
Thank you, darling Anonymous, for giving me a chance to play with this trio!  The slight jaundiced look is but a small price to pay for playing with MOAR TEH MAKEUPS!  I think I will try layering this over a dark or light cream base shade to see if I can get a more clear translation of the colors onto my lids without all the yellowness of my skin tone interfering with it all over the place.
Do you have any particular eye color shades that you find challenging to wear?  Have you also tried Aoruri from the SUQQU trio release?

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