Surratt Surrealiste Skin Concealer

disclosure: I received this product free of charge when I purchased nine million dollars* worth of brushes at the counter a few weeks ago.
I really wasn't in the market for a new concealer.  Recently I repurchased the Cle de Peau concealer in Almond (a new color that was recently released) since my old tube of Ochre was very dark on my skin.  I also still own the very last dregs of the Ellis Faas left, which is my old standby.  Annnnd, during the last Bergdorf Goodman event, I repurchased the Clinque Airbrush illuminating concealer.

But you know, free is always nice.

By the way, the packaging calls it Surreal Skin, but on line Barney's and Liberty UK call it Surrealiste Skin.
Joey matched me to shade 4, which is light-medium neutral shade.  Shade range goes from 1, which is a super pale shade to shade 6, which appears to be a cool medium shade.  Let me know if you'd like a full set of swatches from the counter, but it seems like there isn't a good shade for darker skin tones.
Speaking of Cle de Peau concealer, the Surratt Surrealiste Skin Concealer is significantly smaller than the Cle de Peau.  The Surratt one is 0.6 oz/ 1.9g worth of product, while the CdP is .17 oz / 5g of product.  I almost never note pricing on this blog (because lazy, and because don't like to dwell on the real cost of makeup consumption!), but in the US, the Surratt concealer is a hefty $50.  The Cle de Peau one is $70.  Price per gram, the Surratt is double the price of the CdP!  Something to dwell on.
Related aside, I recently purchased the $40 Wantable Beauty November box.  I never, ever order beauty boxes, because I like to know what I spend my money on, but the featured brand this month is Surratt!  And I see from various instagram posts and such that people seem to be getting Surratt stick looking things.  Looks like a good value proposition for me!  (because I need even more concealers?!) (why not ship nao Wantable!?  NAO NAO NAO!)
Pricing aside, here are swatches of the Surratt compared to the CdPs I still own, Almond and Ochre.  
I put the sucker to work.  This is me naked face.  I don't have many problem areas with my skin, just some minimal darkness under the eyes, redness around my nose, darker pigmentation on my chin and some sun spots.  But macro lens, so you can see all of those minor quibbles.
I applied lightly to all those areas and slightly layered more heavily using a small brush (a lip brush) on the sun spots.  The issue I do have with CdP is that with layering on for additional coverage generally tend to look dry, especially under the eyes and under my nose.  The Surratt does look quite good.
Undereye, around nose, on chin and sun spots all concealed
Haha!  Here is a giant macro closeup of the area under my eyes.  I have some very small fine lines radiating from the inner corner as well as very slightly textured skin.  I'm seeing that even though the concealer is brightening and covering up the darkness of the entire area, my skin still looks like my skin.  That's probably the nicest thing about this concealer.  When applied, it has a slight dewy tackiness that melds into the skin and looks very natural.  The coverage I find to be lighter than CdP, as a reference.  It's somewhere on the light side of medium.
Stare nao into my eyes of deth.
More than under my eyes, my "problem" area for use with concealers is under my nose, which tends to be chronically flaky in addition to red.  Concealers generally clump, crease  and catch on flakes but the Surratt admirably looks good.  I see a creasy bunch at the crease between nose and upper lip, but not so bad at all.  The only real fault for me is that the coverage isn't super high, so I can still see a glimpse of my sun spots coming through.
How's this shot for appetizing?
Anyway, here's to celebrating what looks like flawless skin!  I am wearing in this picture the Surratt Surrealiste Concealer, Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation (here and here), Rouge Bunny Rouge Impalpable Finishing Powder in Diaphanous (here), Guerlain Cils D'enfer Maxi WP mascara, Suqqu Balancing Brow Palette in Moss Green (here), and Guerlain Rouge G in Girly.
Anyway, I like it.  Have you tried the Surratt Surrealiste Concealer?  What are some of your favorites for coverage and beautiful texture?
Ingredients for your reference:
* a slight exaggeration

disclosure: this product was received free of charge as a gift with purchase.  My opinions are my own!  Check out my full disclosure policy here.

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