Swatch Set - Surratt Surrealiste Skin Concealer

Just a super quick set of all the shades of the Surratt Surrealiste Skin Concealer.  Top row (L to R) shades 1, 2, 3, 4.  And bottom row, (L to R) 5, 6, 7, 8.

As a reference, the shade I featured in my more comprehensive post is 4.  Funny how clearer the colors reveal them to be when shown in the context of other colors!  It looks even more cooler than the neutral shade I reported. :)  The back of my hand is also a tick or so darker than my inner arm, probably NC20-25.

Shade 1 registers as almost paper white against my skintone, but is slightly pink cast.
Shade 2 is a pale warm shade
Shade 3 is a warmer toned light shade
Shade 4 is a light to light medium neutral (to cooler) shade
Shade 5 is a warm (slight olive) medium shade
Shade 6 is a peach toned medium shade
Shade 7 is a meidum, very orange toned medium shade.
Shade 8 is the odd ball in the context of the rest of the range.  It is the darkest and very warm toned and much darker than 7

This shade range would work well for the very pale to medium skin tones (and that one darker one), but isn't a comprehensive assortment that represents the deeper skin tones well.  I am pretty darn useless for knowing the MAC values of any shade too pale or too dark compared to my own.  Sorries.  :(  I'm so glad I am not in the business of matching real people to foundation shades.  Oompa Loompa for everyone!

Happy Friday!

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