I've Been Smoten with Plague upon My Belly

I really did not mean to be gone so long from the blog.  Afterall, I've recently declared a blogapalooza of sorts.  I've also been mostly gone from Twitter and Instagram, too.

Reason being.

A plague falls upon on the house.

I don't know why this is the case, but any time our family is preparing for a big event like a vacation, a party or something, the kids immediately get sick.  It has become so predictable that when we went to Disney World last year, we didn't tell them until the night before the flight which lead to dropped jaws but no illness!

For Thanksgiving, among my mother, sister and myself, we divided up various cooking tasks and planned on converging at my mom's house to cook the meal.  The night before, my youngest started to become listless and full of the grumps.  And then as a coup de grace, finally during the night had all sorts of the barfs.  Needless to say, we didn't make it to our family Thanksgiving gathering.  Sad by product was that we were supposed to bring the main course.  :(

Last week, I was feeling a bit under the weather myself.  Mr. Husband was also feeling a case of the sniffles.  We went out on Friday night with friends, tromping through the cold rain, feeling fortified with drinks and grub.  Maybe going out in the rain was not a great idea.  During the weekend, I got really ill and was mostly immobilized in bed.  When I finally felt better on Sunday evening to crawl out of bed, I baked myself some scones.  Ate a few.  (Don't we always all eat a "few" scones, especially when freshly emerged from the oven?)  Felt pretty good and started to cook some dinner.

Isn't it always some innocuous, mindless thing one does like the opening a drawer or bending down to pick something off the floor when one feels a muffled "pop" sensation in the back?

I felt that "pop" as well a realization in the next split second that something bad was happening.  And then the most horrible pain came.  I've thrown out my back before, but never this bad.  I stood, crumpled over in a contorted angle and then cried.  I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, actually, but this pain just made me cry and cry.

I feel much better now, but every sneeze from my lingering cold/ virus/ flu thing makes me "urg" in pain.

Wah!  Pity Party of One!

Stay warm, dry and healthy this winter, everyone!  I'm hoping to get my posting sorted in some semblance of order and regularity.  Is there a beauty blog version of Metamucil?  Thanks for being around the blog to sniff around for posts & stuff.  You guys are da best.

So!  What's been new & sparkly & eye catchingly beautiful with you?  So many trinkets out for the Holidays.  I'm sure many of you have been splurging.  Share so I can feel a little more like myself.

Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick

Box v. Box - Wantable & Glossybox