CHANEL Le Vernis Nail Colour in 645 Paradisio

I haven't been a big CHANEL nail polish fan because they tend to chip on me pretty much immediately.  I do pick up a new bottle every once in a while, because they produce such pretty shades.  Summer 2013's beautiful Azuré was sad.

Never one to let bad experiences teach me a lesson, I purchased the pretty multi-chrome Sweet Star this fall and now Paradisio from Spring.  Hmmm, mulling back on my Chanel nail polish purchases, it seems I have a sweet spot for metallic or pearly weirdo colors.
Interesting color, this Paradisio from Spring 2015.  Even more interesting still is that my recent purchases have been acting more agreeably with my nails.  It's not as if I changed my nail routine in a long time (Rescue Beauty Lounge stuff), but lately, they've been adhering well to my nails as well as remaining chip free for days.  I mean... mind blown.  This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.
As for Paradisio itself, it is a pale pearl with a faint yellow green tinge.  It reminds me of a mono-toned version of the inside of an oyster shell and also with the same shine.  It goes on slightly streaky and sheer with the first coat, and then near opaque with the second coat you see here.  A third coat would be fully opaque, but I like the delicate look of two thin coats.

These pearl finished nail polishes have a tendency to show brush strokes and it is the case here.  But steady strokes, going at a good clip seem to produce reasonably clean results.
I can see how Paradisio, with its suggestion of pale green can be so right for Spring.  But I like this pale tone for winter.

Hello, pretty.
Chip, damnit CHIP.  I can't afford this new love thing happening, rippling through my credit cards, wrecking my wallet.
Anything from Chanel Spring 2015 collection capturing your eye?

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