Investment Pieces

Overwhelmingly, the comments in my last post was: "What the gravy, dude?!  Are you going to return that crap, and omg, for that price ($160) it had better apply itself on my face and cook me dinner!"  I paraphrase, but you get the gist!

Some things I pondered after buying and using this palette and also by thinking about your comments:
  • Is there a difference between buying one very expensive palette like the Serge Luten one versus buying ten $16 items from the drugstore, or two $80 palettes from Tom Ford?  If I had LOVED this thing, maybe my threshold for single eye shadow palette would have gone up accordingly.
  • Is there something inherently wrong about enjoying expensive things?  I really like another $160 thing, which is the Serge Luten red lip palette.
"Gah!  Look at you, single eye shadow, masquerading as a palette!"
I titled this post "investment" with a dose of irony, because like all consumable products, makeup is something that devalues instantly. As much as companies slap a luxury label on it, there is no precious ingredient that makes pure magic. I am buying for the brand image which marketing worked hard to stick into my head.  No palette is going to cook me dinner.  :(  That's sad.

I did get some suggestions on Instagram and in your comments on different placements and it seems like smokey would be the better way to go.  I'm investing in some time to try some other placements.
 I've layered over my favorite black cream eye shadow, the Shiseido one in Caviar (here) which is an excellent dark base to intensify other eye shadows.  Indeed, the drama of the dark plum shade is intensified when layered over the Caviar and the various pale shades of the palette add a subtle dimensional difference in the different areas of the lid when layered over the plum.  *shrug*

Friday here in the house!  I am taking the day off to putter around the house, maybe go watch a movie with my husband and have a lunch date.  Hope each of you are doing great!  I hope you know how I appreciate all your funny AND outraged comments!

SUQQU Blend Color Eye Shadow in Yukiichigo EX-22

Serge Lutens Eye Shadow 3