Oh Canada (Squirrel) to Canada (Squirrel) in Pictures and Words

You know what I am totally obsessing with these days?  Not just fancy brushes, but fancy Canadian squirrel brushes in particular.  My first foray into this type of hair brush was when I got my rodent paws on the Koyudo Canadian squirrel cheek brush release.  I posted (here) about how different hair types actually DO make a difference in application and from then on, it really stuck in my head about how efficient these Canadian squirrel  tools are.

Of my Surratt Artistique brush purchases (here), one stand out was the Classic Eye Shadow brush in medium, also of that hair type.  I continued to be blown away by what a great all purpose eye brush that sucker is.  And being impressed SO much, last week I ended up also purchasing the Small and Large sized Classic Eye Brushes. 

Surratt Classic Eye Brush S, M, L
Looking to diversify into different brands for this hair type, I also picked up from Chikuhodo the Artist Red eye brushes 12-5 and 6-6.  They are much more reasonably priced than Surratt, and in my experience with other Artist Reds, very good in quality.  (I prefer the stumpy red handles, but they also come in the longer black handles).
From left to Right: Chikuhodo Artist Red 12-5, Surratt L, 6-6, M, 6-1, S
I'm cheating for symmetry sake in the above picture.  The 6-1 is kolinsky not Canadian Squirrel. :>

Aside from saying I like the brushes from both brands, I'm not ready to give any in depth opinions, but thought some pictures would be helpful if you would like a good look at the Surratt with the Chikuhodo.  I'm guessing Chikuhodo manufactures the Surratt, so take that for what it is worth.

The Big Boys (har har!  Which is funny considering how dinky the Artist Reds are!):
Top to bottom: Surratt L, Chikuhodo Artist Red 12-5 
Size-wise, the brush heads are pretty darn close in size.  The only difference (hard to tell in these crap phone photos) is that the tip of the Surratt has a small pointed taper.  In function, they perform identically to me.  No side view pictures, but the density & thickness seems about the same to me.

The Middle Siblings:
Top to bottom: Surratt M, Chikuhodo 6-6
The brush head of the Surratt is slightly wider, but density, thickness and shape-wise they both look pretty darn close.

The Babies:
As I mentioned in the family photo above, I don't have a teeny tiny Canadian Squirrel equivalent to the Surratt small.  So willy-nilly, I threw in some other similar-ish looking brushes.  Turns out, the shape of the Surratt small head is unique among my dinky babies.
Top to bottom: Hakuhodo K005, Chikuhodo Artist Red 6-1, 2-3, Surratt Classic Eye Small
Obviously, apart from different materials,the head is longer and because of the longer hairs and diminitive size, the Surratt is a little floppy (not floppy grey squirrel floppy).

I hope to share soon my thought noodles more fully on my OTHER Surratt brushes.  But hope these are helpful for anyone looking for picture comparisons and pondering purchases.

I bought my Chikuhodo from visageusa.  They ship from Japan and have a broad assortment of Chikuhodo available.  Their shipping time is long (up to several weeks).  My Surratt was purchased in person at Barney's New York.

Speaking of Canadian Squirrely Rodenty goodness, now I have lustful thoughts of the no longer available Chikuhodo Kiwami set, the absolute ne plus ultra of luxury in brushes.  Sonia from Sweet Makeup Temptations kindly reviewed in depth here.

Brush musings (obsessing) that you are having these days?

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