Serge Lutens Eye Shadow 3

Haha!  "Sand dunes, erosion, and dust."  LOLWUT?  This is the little evocative blurb on the Serge Lutens website about this eye shadow palette.  It wasn't what urged me on irrationally to buy this irrationally expensive palette.

 How does one describe the act of doing something stupid, when one is completely aware one is doing something stupid?  Must be some compulsive stupidity, right?  I was completely aware that there is no way in hell that a palette for $160 would have any way of measuring up to it.  Case is hefty and beautiful, gleaming black with subtle red tones.  There is the brand name, of course.  What do cosmetics ingredients cost anyway?  Whatever it is 0.14 oz of product can't possibly be worth the product cost equivalent of $160, can it?

(you know I never mention price on the blog)
 Certainly, it must look incredible when worn, right?  There must be cosmetic luxury magic in this subtle eye shadow quad, right?
 Seems like the the "sand dunes, erosion and dust" thing does give an impressionistic sense of this palette.
 The light shades have a subtle shimmery finish, with the white being a bit more shimmery.  The dark shade is a satin finish color.

  • warm creamy white, this one with a bit more sheen than the other shades
  • subtle, pale gold, that is light in pigmentation,  the aforementioned "sand?"
  • a pale warm pink, which of the three pale shades is most pigmented, but still light in pigmentation
  • beautiful warm smokey plum

 Maybe from the swatches you can tell what might go wrong with using this palette.  It has three lightly pigmented shades, though tonally different, has similar color depth.
 The smoky plum is very pretty swatched though.
Here is where it starts to go all wrong.  First, there is no eye shadow quad that is going to be worth $160.  Yes, you pay for utter luxury of the brand and there is a certain elegance to this quad (packaging, blah blah, etc).  Setting the (price) bar so high, I really was starting to feel like maybe, just maybe, it had a chance of being something extra special.

In actuality, it is utterly fine.  Just fine.  But there is nothing so exceptional that it blew my mind.  And to tell the truth, the fact that there are three barely discernible shades made placement and layering the shades an exercise in futility.
Even more maddening was that the shimmer and the texture of the colors didn't flatter my lids, and looking closely, made all the tiny normal bumps on my skin more prominent.  Just saying, other of my favorite palettes don't do that.  Feel free to click on the eye closeups.
And before you tell me "Oh Belly, what weird texture thing?  It looks fine."  And it does look okay, but I'm telling you I just spent $160 on this thing.
Some pros:

  • Soft and slightly powdery, but very easy to blend.
  • Over my normal Nars primer, lasted exceptionally well without any fading or creasing.
I know it doesn't come across that way at all in this post, but I really like the Serge Lutens brand.  I've been falling headlong into a wonderful fragrance journey with the brand and really still love the red lip palette as well as another recent purchase of a lipstick (I'll post soon).  But I think, even as a luxury beauty consumer, perhaps even I have a limit.
Products worn: Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick 02 Pale Dune, Surratt concealer, Rouge Bunny Rouge loose powder, SUQQU brow palette Moss Green, Lancome Hypnose Drama WP mascara, SUQQU gel liner Jet Bordeaux, Chanel Camelia Rose blush, Suqqu CG 06 Umegasumi lipstick
What I mean by the stupidity mentioned at the top of the post is that I have an actual awareness of my personal value thresh hold.  Knowing it, I knew full well that there is no way that any palette this price point would have blown me away.  I know each person is different and there are others that love the brand and love the eye shadow palettes.  It's just not me, and I really should have known better than to set up this palette to fail.

Please tell me you have also made some exceptionally poor makeup choices?  Or... is it just me? *shriek*

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