SUQQU Blend Color Eye Shadow in Yukiichigo EX-22

Sometimes it's good to challenge some long-held "rules" I have.  One is don't wear pink or red around the eyes because... skeery vampire lab rat/rabbit eyes.  It's not like I just arbitrarily came up this rule, because I'm sure at some point I tried on something pinky or red and backed away slowly from the mirror pondering how I was even casting a reflection.  A while back I bought (and then subsequently gotten rid of) Tom Ford Burnished Amber (here).  Now that quad is a stunner with dramatic warm red tones.  For the life of me, each time I put it on, I looked like a deranged rabbit.  Please don't email me that you're looking for it!  I don't have it anymore!

When SUQQU released the Christmas kits this past holiday, the palette in the A set had a startlingly beautiful variety of pinks.  Beautiful as it was, I held fast to my rule until I saw Enabler Kate, I mean Driveller Kate's post on this quad, Yukiichigo (here).  Raise your hand if all sanity goes out the window when you read a Drivel About Frivol post!  *raises both hands* *throws brain out the window*
My goodness, Kate is beyond beautiful wearing those pinks.  No vampire scum rabbit SHE!  When I saw this Christmas set A linger on the Selfridges website, I pounced and ordered.  These kits are nice if you like the cleansing kit they usually include, which is the creamy cleanser and a foaming cleanser.  They are nice for travel, but aren't my preferred cleansers.  Also included was a cute compact of a Creamy Glow Moist lipstick in a re-promoted color Beniaka (original tube version featured here), a very pretty sheer red.
When I first received the palette, I didn't want to use it for a long time.  (Hence is the long hiccup of a delay on this post.  Palette is sadly not around much except eBay)  I was thinking that this palette isn't going to suit me very well.
I now see that the versatility and usability of this palette is the mix in warm and cool for the pinks as well as in the finishes.  These are swatches clockwise from the upper left pan of the palette.

  • lavender tinged and cool pink that is brightly lit by white and light blue shimmer.
  • warm pink, when angled to catch different light has a very distinct shift to its golden shimmer.  Really beautiful shade.
  • a very pale warm satin pink.  While not matte, makes a nice smoothing base on the lids.
  • smooth cream shade that is blowing my mind.  The base color itself is a brown toned burgundy on my skin.  It is overlaid with a very bright glistening golden olive shimmer.  When applied sheerly, the red tones come through, while layered heavily the shimmer almost predominates.
This is my first experience with the SUQQU cream eye shadow in the palettes.  It applies smoothly but I had some trial and error trying to figure out an applicator that worked well.  Not sure I have it down pat, but I'm using a combination of the enclosed sponge applicator to lay down the color and a Shu Uemura 5R kolinsky brush to shape and blend the edges.  I also saw some glitter fallout during the day as well as some noticeable fading at the end of the day.

In terms of the powder shades, they have good medium level pigmentation with the same beautiful texture and blendability that I've come to love from SUQQU.
I'm kind of blown away by just how wearable this palette is!  Probably the hardest thing was figuring out what other pinks to throw on my face.  Intensely feminine and nuanced in every way, it is a beauty.
While probably not something I would wear all the time (the intense shimmer in the cream, et cetera), I wore this a LOT during the holidays.  If I had an excuse to glam up, like say taking out the garbage or doing the laundry, I put this on.
Other products worn:
base - Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick in 02 Pale Dune, Rouge Bunny Rouge Impalpable Finishing powder, Surratt concealer, Guerlain Meteorites Perles 01
eyes/brows - SUQQU balancing brow powder in Moss Green, SUQQU gel liner in Jet Bordeaux, Lancome Hypnose Drama WP mascara, SUQQU Yukiichigo
blush/lips - THREE blush 20, Visée Creamy Lipstick in PK804 (LE, DC) formula featured here.

While introduced as a holiday item, I think I will also enjoy the fresh colors this Spring, too.  It's really cold here.  I'm looking forward to Spring already and I'm pretty sure Winter just started.

How are pinks for you?

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