THREE 4D Eye Palette in 02 My Blue Heaven

I know some of you have been waiting patiently for these THREE posts!  When I get a free moment to take pictures, I go nuts and take dozens and dozens.  The over-abundance of photos make it hard to edit down to a list of decent photos!  I paralyze myself with indecision.  Eeek! 

I was originally planning on putting up a giant post with My Blue Heaven along with Astro Girl and Party Monster, but it was really giant that I can't imagine anyone would have the attention span to look through the whole thing.  I myself would have a hard time writing enough descriptive for products on such a long post.  So there.  My Blue Heaven is right up!
THREE My Blue Heaven
I know I often associate Tom Ford eye shadows with the idea of grown-up glitter, but in a way, I think THREE outclasses and out bests the Toms in terms of absolute complexity and execution in tonal subtlety.
Despite what looks like a bright and saturated blue shade in the pan, the application effect on my skin is very subtle.  Here are my swatches, clockwise from the top left starting with the blue.  In these quads, the general format is:
  1.  a slightly pigmented glitter shade, in this case the blue which also has a pale periwinkle shimmer, sparsely scattered pink shimmer, and a bright shimmery white.
  2. a deep colored intensely shimmery and complex (generally with a dual tone that presents a subtle shift in some lighting).  In My Blue Heaven, it is the grey olive (grolive?) shade, that has a brighter golden shimmer that floats to prominence in direct sunlight.
  3. a pale glitter top coat, that doesn't have much of a base color, but provides some intense glitter.  Here is a cool champagne and brighter white glitter.  I kind of consider this my "optional" shade in this quad.  Adding this to the center of my mobile lid just pushes the overall look into serious bling territory.  And my serious, I mean serious for my generally sedate aesthetic.
  4. neutral satin brown with sparse violet shimmer.  This is nicely pigmented, beautifully easily to apply and blend.
These are beautifully silky on my skin.  The glitter shades adhere very well and I have no fall out issues with these.  The satin brown shade is also wonderfully light feeling and silky.  While the olive cream is easy and smooth at this very moment, I continue to experience some anxiety about it drying out at some point.  I talked about the THREE cream issue here.  A little dim sum fixes everything.
There is a good chance that these colors would show up a lot more vibrantly on other, more neutral skin tones.  (I've seen it on Kate the Driveller!)  My skin has the magical ability to desaturate and taupify most things, so the general application effect looks very subtle, especially in indirect or indoor lighting.  See another great post from Liz from So Lonely in Gorgeous here.
But the shimmer that lights up is pretty amazing.
Here I am wearing My Blue Heaven.  I've used the cream shade as a base in tulip formation and on my lower lash line.  Tulip = in the inner and outer segments of my upper lid.  I layered the satin brown over the cream, as well as into my crease and over the lower lashline.  I used a flat, paddle-shaped kolinsky hair brush to pack the blue shimmer shade in the center of my upper lid as well as the middle of my lower lashline.  (tightlining, waterlining, mascaraing)  The pale top coat patted on with the pad of my finger to the center of upper lid.
Thanks for all the nice complements on my skin, lately!  In the interest of full disclosure, I wear a shitload of products and layer like 50 different skincare products!
Other products worn:
Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick in Pale Dune 02.  I love this more and more every day.
Surratt Concealer (was a GWP)
Rouge Bunny Rouge Diaphanous Loose Finishing powder
SUQQU Brow Palette in Moss Green
Lancome Hypnose Drama WP mascara
Tom Ford Espresso pencil
SUQQU Bright Up lipstick in 07 Akaanzu
I dunno what blush. :)
Now I want you to experience the magic of these shadows in bright direct natural light.
Voici: In front of a bright window, but indirect light.

Meow meow meow. 
Now see this light up in bright direct natural light!
And then even more close up.
This reads like a very positive post on this quad, and it is mostly.  I think this palette provides a really nice way to incorporate some beautiful shimmer into one's life, but I have some general concerns now about the longevity of the cream shades in all my THREE products. 
I am also kind of disappointed that on my skin, the vibrancy I was hoping for with the blue shade didn't pan out as I hoped.  The overall look (minus the crazy shimmer), is one of tonal subtleties, which is yet another take for me on a neutral palette.
I wonder if I am personally experiencing an overload not just of photos, but also of neutral palettes.  *strokes chin*  Hmm...  Well two more THREE palettes to come.
Have you given these THREE quads a try yet?  What is your experience so far?  If you had them for a while, do you find your feelings for these quads changing?

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